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  • Well, the T20 didn't make it to Foxtel. Pretty disappointing. Hopefully they manage to pick up the rest of the tour. English cricket rates well enough here for county cricket to be shown live at times, so it's surprising they haven't picked this up yet.
    I have no real idea. I'm very optimistic though. As a general rule Foxtel always covers the English summer of cricket unless they're playing Bangladesh and as a general rule it's always confirmed very very late and often not even listed properly the day before the start.
    Haha! I was going to write and apologise right after dinner and putting the boys to bed. I'm also sorry. I realise now I should get to know people better before razzing them. So sorry about that and your rough day. But remember that England has had about 100 of them :)
    No idea why it didn't come through, but got the link now so cheers. It works too ftr :)
    It won't let me DM you unless I follow you. So just search in the search bar, go to my page and then there should be a 'Sent tweet' box on the left hand side
    yeah thats good man as long as you get what you need to get into what you want
    yeah pretty good, better than i expected so i was pretty happy with it

    how'd you go?
    No problem mate, probably couldn't have got there anyway. Had my Dad with me (78 yo) and he was really struggling with the walking, didn't bother me but it seriously cut my pub time down!!
    What did you reckon of the Oval?? Did a fantastic job with it I reckon......totally impressed in it.
    LOL, neither have I. But I'm meeting a few Barmy Army forum members whilst I'm there so what the hell!! If you think about it we probably spend more time talking to the people here than we do our friends and familly!! And it's always nice to put a face to a name. Cathedral pubs just round the corner to the Oval and is a fav haunt for the cricket fans, I'll give you a shout closer to the time.
    Ah that's a damn shame. I used to be an ale actor a few years back in my high school days in S&D and at the local Entertainment Centre. I saw you jetting off to LA and saying "I need an extra for one line in this movie about a fantasy test series between 'The Don's XI and Garry's XI"...alas it seems doomed that it shall not occur. Yet. lol
    No dramas, I really enjoyed it.
    Of those three movies I've only seen 'Pi" but I've been keen as to see the other two. Ftr, keep it up and you'll be the legend ;)
    Good short film. I watched it last night when I was rather tired but I seem to remember a slight homage to fight club early on. The story line seems to linger into FC but the music was obviously different (very psych thriller) and the filming gave it a good feel to the story. Well done again
    Actually yeah it probably makes sense to do it on Bandcamp, means you'll be able to download electronic versions of the albums too. Drop me an email with an address and I'll post CDs out tomorow morning.

    Thanks man, you're a legend.
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