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Magrat Garlick

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  • Thanks. Google translate does work!! I wonder what the 10% missing is? Also talks about current comparable cost which is too damn expensive as is. But it is another step in the right direction. I wonder if Alexandra Elbakyan realised the storm she would create.
    Thanks for the response. I'm sure if I ever saw someone struggle with gender issues I would be too far up my own arse to even notice. What signs would you say she was showing of struggling with her gender?

    Very glad to see you posting more often.
    I'm really quite heartened by the responses in that thread. I do think Uppercut's post summed it up really well.

    1) I'll have to go have a listen to that. Unfortunately Japan has chewed up both the travel fund and annual leave balance, so this particular tour might be slightly out of reach. Definitely on the long-term to-do list, though.
    2) Facetiously, you've timed it well so you can never be unintentionally mixed up with Eamonn Vines. More seriously, I was confused when I first saw it (sans-context), as I haven't read the relevant books. Outstanding name, though, and may well re-orient my 2019 reading list back to the good stuff.
    Echoing the sentiments in the thread, I applaud you for your bravery and appreciate that you felt you could share your journey with us. So I have genuinely zero experience with what you're embarking on (you are literally the closest person to me who has taken this step) so please forgive any stupid or offensive questions now and in the future. I hope you'll understand they're out of sheer ignorance and never malice. First question, do you already consider yourself a woman, and as such I should refer to you as 'her'?
    Still available on WhatsApp if you ever want to talk. Me going full PEWS politically doesn’t change that :ninja:
    Hey mate, just seeing if you're still keen on the sim league. Haven't seen you there in while.

    Nah, I'm not with any of the Big 4

    What kind of stuff have you worked on over the years? Anything especially interesting/exciting?
    Trainee Accountant, so not a computery job per se (though obviously we use computers), though my programming knowledge has come in useful. Tbh it's been too long since I've done anything more than mess around with programming, but in a couple of weeks (if all goes to plan) I'll be done with exams for a little while, so I'll have a lot more time for it again.

    Good luck re getting kept on!
    How about for you? Is it just something you're interested in, or is it your living too?
    Never formally studied it, but I've done a reasonable amount of reading on the subject just as a hobby
    Thought it was brilliant and deserved way more than three likes to be honest
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