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  • Pat Symcox is 496 not 320. Curiously his batting is rated higher than bowling.
    Thanks for letting us know longranger. Have a G n' T for me on the flight. Bon Voyage.
    I've played school cricket and now play for my uni that plays in the Div 1 Corporate League, but I've never played club cricket either in the SCA Leagues or the Seasoned Pro Tournament. I was thinking of joining one during my summer break but I'm not sure whether it's worth the $300 or so it costs to register. Anyways if you're looking to start then the facebook group "cricketers in singapore" (i can't post links on VMs) has clubs posting once in a while when they're looking for players. The list of teams can be found on CricHQ if you do a search for SCA League or on the SCA website.
    What a childish message!

    You can't make one claim and then throw another!

    You said I am the worst poster!

    Then said I am a troll thus restraining from the first claim.

    How does it align with a sense?
    I mean my posts are liked by other users and you are lying which you should not

    And how long will I have to tell you anti-abilities?

    Never advise me, you get worried about yourselves

    I again quote that:

    "If you hit every dog on your way, you never reach your desired destination"
    I don't like to answer anti-abilities
    I think you are the last one on this forum

    I have the best post:like ratio
    I got a like after every two posts or less.

    It means posters like my posts

    But I don't care
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