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  • Noise of the political speeches has ended. Can do the commentary.. my skype id is khaitan_pratyush
    You should change your sig to "Founder and Grand Wizard of the CW Football Thread Statluminati"
    Worth a look for sure, although I fancy Athletic would probably be willing to pay more given their obvious limitations. I don't really know how good he is now after hardly playing the last year and a half. He was great the year before that though, that Spain U21 midfield was so good.
    "South Africa score 300. Amla century? (check) de Villiers 50+ at over a run a ball? (check)"
    ~ you

    Strikes again.
    Sort of. The host moved us on to a new server but the domain company hasn't caught up with the new nameservers yet. So the site is working but the domain is down.

    You can use the following to get to it:

    Hi, just to let you know that Adders, wiff and I have opened the donations page towards contributing to the Cricket Web banners that are being produced for Phil Hughes and Sean Abbott. We're leaving you a message as you mentioned that you may be interested in contributing. Please check out the original thread in Cricket Chat for details. Many thanks.
    Haha the EU has gone completely off the deep end. Blatant taxpayer-funded propaganda to curb the trend of some people questioning how efficiently they spend taxpayer money.. great idea!
    Yeah, it's cool. Just generally ratty at the minute because my company has been bought out, will probably be broken up, and most of my friends and colleagues will be retrenched. All very stressfull.
    Just wondering why you didn't pick Holding UK breakfast time, but instead waited till the evening UK time? What this means is that Morgieb will now be picking his player at approximately 2-3am Indian time when there are 4 people from India waiting to take their turn after him. In short, when possible you need to pick your player UK breakfast time otherwise it is likely that your one pick will slow the draft down an entire day.
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