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biased indian

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  • Hey mate... I did come around, but was only there for 2 days. Was freaked out about few things like water and stuff. Still am about why its red in colour and stuff.
    Not sure if you've noticed, but there is a vacancy arisen in the auction draft - metallics team. If you're interested email the auction email and I'll let you know how much money you have to spend on round 3 and beyond.
    Hey, stop beating me at chess, also, new season of CW XI is on the cards, would be nice to see you back at Red.
    Sorry mate, never got an opportunity to see you online or anything. Anyway i'll be coming down to Calicut for Ayurvedic medicine and stuff. Most likely within the next few months.
    Hey man, thanks for the reply! Appreciate it mate. Its not for tourism purposes its for other stuff. Do you have msn or anything, if so add me on hunterbhai @ hotmail dot com, if not gimme an email so i can send u an email.
    Hey dude, Where in Kerala do you live?? Thinking of making a trip end of the year to Calicut or something like that.
    Thanks for reporting. He's been banned. Probably come back again though, he's been advertising the same site a few times now.

    He sent me one too. Bit silly to send one to the moderator!

    The first ever CW Cricket Championship is underway, could you please post your email address in this thread to be challenged.
    They haven't finished the draw yet, though, there's a final qualifying section tonight and those guys are put into the main draw at random.
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