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  • She let you circumvent the bureaucratic maze she's set for me? I shall file a complaint letter followed by a hardship request.
    You serious about JFK or just yanking my chain? Seriously though, if you ever need a place to crash in Chicago area (I'm a good 40-50 miles NW) drop me a line and I'll get working on all the approval documentation for my wife.
    CW received a warning from Google about inappropriate content in some of our threads - primarily the Hottest Chick thread, which now has no ads as a result - but for now if we have any obviously ***ually-toned discussions or images of scantly dressed people then we have to get rid of them basically. Double entendres and the likes are fine, but Jono coming out and saying his pants are off because Kohli's batting and he's going to fap, or ajdude saying Smith made him ***. are just outright ***ual references which are being cracked down on by Google as a result of a whole heap of people starting websites with borderline ***ual content and sticking Google ads on them to clean up.
    Indeed and watching watto bowl sleep-inducing overs, enough to take the energy out of anyone.
    Good King Wenclesas for me, Do Australians do carols, after all I thought you lot going around to peoples houses and demanding money was pretty much normal for all times of year?
    Hey mate, just read you mention comparisons between Steve Smith and Steve Waugh in the WACA thread and you mentioned you had said it before. Interesting thought, never considered it myself and hadn't read you mentioning it before. In what way are you thinking there are similarities - in their game, or in coming into the game young and maturing, or in the role they played/can play for Australian cricket?

    After googling, should be renamed the Hux Effect, given the way his career curved away from its principal flight path 8|
    you had me shaking in my boots, I thought vicaggression had come back to finish the job.
    I'm ****ing laughing out loud here because you did well but my usage of it, really was a waste of time.
    you should try and get someone to say any of wipe down, gatorade or smartass today..
    Ha, as soon as I saw your message, I checked the scorecard from the SA vs NSW game, thought Ludes might be out already. Lucky play hasn't started.. Wassup?
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