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Recent content by Andy1993

  1. A

    Mark Waugh vs Graham Thorpe

    Thorpe in tests
  2. A

    **Official** Womens' Ashes 2019

    Another win for OZ today
  3. A

    Young Retirees From the World of Cricket

    Havent read all posts, but Zafar Ansari
  4. A

    1st Test, Edgbaston, Birmingham

    Spinners worry me too...Can;t play Mo he looks hopeless at the moment, Rashid looks un-intrested, and Leach hasnt set the world alight with the ball in tests either
  5. A

    *Official* Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh ODI Series 2019

    Recovery 154-5 159 needed from 20 overs Mushfiqur 47* Sabbir made 60
  6. A

    *Official* Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh ODI Series 2019

    30-3 in the 9th! Malinga 2-12 from 5
  7. A

    Mohammad Amir retires from tests

    Strange decision really...Pak dont play much red ball cricket, sad news.
  8. A

    **Official** Ireland in England 2019

    innings defeat looming!
  9. A

    **Official** Ireland in England 2019

    Absolutetly ****ing awful this performance!
  10. A

    Final - England v New Zealand

    No chance Crane will be there.... seen him bowl this year? Absoluetly horrific!!
  11. A

    Jos Buttler - England's greatest ever?

    this is crazy talk really is....the guy is class yeah, but greatest ODI cricketer goes to Kohli IMO....He's up there with Gilchrist yes
  12. A

    **Official** Womens' Ashes 2019

    50 for lanning 150 up for OZ
  13. A

    Road to the 2019 Ashes

    Stone won't be there when Archer and Wood are avaliable again
  14. A

    **Official** Womens' Ashes 2019

    Huge drop that!