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Thread: Grade Cricket Season XII

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    alanis morrissette


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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    Also, is there any reason why Donald didn't bowl?
    He was listed as a support bowler and the program preferred the other guys. (Not quite sure why. ) Should be bowling most games now.
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    Hmmm not the best start but its finally good to be batting up the order, hopefully i can impress the selectors here in the future.
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    I've just had my first hit for the season today and I was wondering what club side I'm playing for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    I've just had my first hit for the season today and I was wondering what club side I'm playing for?
    Garven Island Sharks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    Garven Island Sharks.
    Cheers mate

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    Friday 27 April

    Campsfield Braves v Gofftown Tigers

    Ball By Ball

    Campsfield	Gofftown
    Langdon		Courtis
    Jahangir	Thampi
    Blackman	Dwyer
    Jacklin		Swann
    Gooljar		Mahmood
    McEwan		Jamaluddin
    +Harvey		Nash
    Dunn		Kipling
    Dunks		Demeza
    Hasabnis	+Patel
    Jadeja		Masterman
    Chris Dwyer and Trav Demeza played vital roles as Gofftown routed Campsfield for a 114-run victory, as the tricky PDV Dome pitch caused a Braves implosion. With Blackman and Gooljar gifting their wickets away, the remaining batsmen failed to keep up with the required rate, and everything became a formality after they crashed to 80 for nine.

    Gofftown Tigers 231 for six (50 overs, Dwyer 83)
    Campsfield Braves 117 all out (37.3 overs, Thampi 3/40, Demeza 2/17, Dwyer 1/11)

    Gofftown Tigers (11pts) beat Campsfield Braves (0pts) by 114 runs
    Man of the Match: C. R. Dwyer (Gofftown Tigers)

    Davistow Darters v Garven Island Sharks

    Ball By Ball

    Davistow         Garven Island
    Bayley           Bowen
    Chapman          Tariq
    +Read            Stuart
    Ritchie          Gregory
    Cassidy          Piper
    Ehsan            Das
    Waheed           +Monaghan
    Murdoch          Dharajia
    Lawrence         Hanbury
    Naik             Bristow
    Pradeep          Shaukhat
    Ben Read emerged triumphant in the battle of the newcomers, but it was a closely fought affair as Davistow faltered from an advantageous position. Having restricted the Sharks to 197 for four on a slow wicket, with debutant Rob Bowen trapped lbw by Bayley for 18, they eased to 126 for three with 20 overs to spare, but Gregory and Piper ensured a decline. Ultimately, however, the Darters got across the line by a wicket.

    Garven Island Sharks 197 for four (Tariq 88; Bayley 2/45)
    Davistow Darters 198 for nine (49.2 ovs, Read 72; Gregory 3/40, Tariq 2/25, Piper 2/39)

    Davistow Darters (8pts) bt Garven Island Sharks (0pts) won by one wicket
    Man of the Match: B. S. Read (Davistow Darters)

    Edfield Seahawks v Stedingham Jets

    Ball By Ball

    Edfield		Stedingham
    Barnaby		Stedman
    Herbert		Wallis
    Derick		Gaukroger
    Rai		Reddlapalli
    Morton		Prabhakar Rao
    Borcich		Chaudhari
    +Baber		Hogarth
    Satish Kumar	+Innes
    Whitehead	Gillespie
    Banik		Petherick
    James		Javed Shafiq
    James Stedman's unbeaten hundred and three wickets saw the Jets get their revenge over the Seahawks in a close fought battle at the CWBCC Stadium. The 10-run margin of victory clouds over the fact that Edfield were 97 for six in their chase of an imposing 247 to win; dogged resistance from Whitehead, Banik and James nearly took them across the line, but Hogarth took the final wicket as the Jets triumphed.

    Stedingham Jets 246 for two (Stedman 117*, Wallis 74, Reddlapalli 36*)
    Edfield Seahawks 236 all out (Herbert 50; Stedman 3/51)

    Stedingham Jets (8pts) beat Edfield Seahawks (0pts) by 10 runs
    Man of the Match: J. E. Stedman (Stedingham Jets)

    Fitzworthingham Broncos v Maddington Frenzy

    Ball By Ball

    Fitzworthingham	Maddington
    Ullungura	Kellaway
    Hogarth		Kross
    Speirs		Malone jnr.
    Nixon		Fielke
    Medlow		H Simpson
    Williams	Larkins
    Ditchburn	Robinson
    Wallwork	Payne
    +Condliffe	+Lawrell
    E McNamara	G Simpson
    Caldwell	Stobo
    A brutal onslaught of 271 for the first wicket between Ullungura (run-a-ball 130) and Hogarth (unbeaten 132) virtually ensured victory for the Broncos, as poor Lee Payne bowled four wides and only was rewarded with the wickets of the tail in a 60-run spell of ten overs. In the face of Rhys Williams and Ethan McNamara, Maddington duly imploded, falling for a meagre 93 to concede a massive 12 points.

    Fitzworthingham Broncos 291 for four (Hogarth 132*, Ullungura 130; Kross 2/47, Payne 2/60)
    Maddington Frenzy 93 all out (22.2 overs, H Simpson 30; Williams 3/30, E McNamara 2/10, Ditchburn 2/15, Speirs 2/30)

    Fitzworthingham Broncos (12pts) beat Maddington Frenzy (0pts) by 198 runs
    Man of the Match: D. D. Hogarth (Fitzworthingham Broncos)

    Nixonstown Foxes v Twybridge Titans

    Ball By Ball

    Nixonstown	Twybridge
    Prestwidge	A Das
    Dravid		Joslin
    Eccles		Wilshere
    Sanjeet		+Hale
    +Dalton		White
    Tushar		Cotterill
    Laeeq		J McNamara
    Fox		Dolphin
    Shah		Amresh Kumar
    Riaz		Forner
    Teisseire	Buttsworth
    Forner and McNamara demolished the Foxes with ease, as they slipped to 23 for three and never recovered, despite Eccles' rearguard 51. Shah and Fox were too loose early on, with Manan the most impressive as he had Das bowled in an opening spell yielding two for 31, but a stolid 13 not out from Jack McNamara helped Cotterill guide the Titans across the line with six overs to spare.

    Nixonstown Foxes 184 for nine (Eccles 51; Forner 3/31, McNamara 3/37)
    Twybridge Titans 185 for five (44 overs, Cotterill 52*, Wilshere 35; Prestwidge 2/33, Manan Shah 2/37 [7])

    Twybridge Titans (9pts) beat Nixonstown Foxes (0pts) by five wickets
    Man of the Match: J. N. E. Forner (Twybridge Titans)

    Pickford Panthers v Greater Robbham de Grooters

    Ball By Ball

    Pickford	Greater Robbham
    Richings	Lucas
    Bhattacharjee	Tariq
    McCrystal	Fortune
    Cockerill	Sukhvinder
    Gokarn		Broadbridge
    +Hepworth	Palmer
    Trafford	+Jervis
    Rabone		Amir
    Chopra		Pardhasaradhi
    Jacob		Tebbut
    Bhadauria	Finnegan
    Somehow, the Greater Robbham captain didn't know what he was handling. Muhammad Amir took to the one-day scene for the first time in his career as the only professional at hand in Pickford, and demolished Pickford with four for 13 in his opening spell. Then, he was quietly hushed away to fine leg, and Pickford recovered to a respectable 191. Broadbridge then proceeded to mock up the chase with a blockage par extraordinaire. In 106 ballls he could only score 36 runs, leaving Amir with the chance to need to slog out. So he did - down the throat of Richings - and de Grooters lost due to lack of batting prowess and impotent captaincy.

    Pickford Panthers 191 for eight (Trafford 76, Rabone 53*; Amir 4/13)
    Greater Robbham de Grooters 164 for seven (Jervis 40*; Richings 2/28)

    Pickford Panthers (9pts) beat Greater Robbham de Grooters (0pts) by 27 runs
    Man of the Match: C. P. Trafford (Pickford Panthers)

                    W-L-D  Pts
    Twybridge       1-0-1   18
    Edfield         1-1-0   18
    Campsfield      1-1-0   18
    Davistow        1-0-1   15
    Maddington      1-1-0   14
    Fitzworthingham 1-1-0   14
    Robbham         1-1-0   13
    Pickford        1-1-0   13
    Gofftown        1-1-0   11
    Stedingham      1-1-0    8
    Garven Island   0-1-1    6
    Nixonstown      0-1-1    4
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    Happy with a 36 not out and was also suprised to see that i didn't get a bowl.

    Anyway superb innings from Stedman, well done

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    Good to see the Broncos get a win.
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    Lovely Stuff from the Broncos. 2/10 off 4 from me. Not bad.

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    alanis morrissette

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    Awesome to get the man of the match, too bad the scorecard is for a different game though


    This is the scorecard for all the tigers/braves fans.

    1/11 off 5 is fair gun, especially for a part time spinner opening the bowling. 83 (119) is a good score, but disappointing to eat all the strike and not go on for a ton. Doesnt matter though, as we won. Go you tiges.
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    Batting was crap, had a good bowling return for a very risky captaincy move. Good to get a win.
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    Round 3 - 28 April

    Garven Island Sharks v Fitzworthingham Broncos

    Ball By Ball

    Garven Island	Fitzworthingham
    Tariq		Hogarth
    Hanbury		Speirs
    Stuart		Nixon
    Gregory		Medlow
    Piper		Ditchburn
    Das		Williams
    +Monaghan	Wallwork
    Dharajia	Rhynehart
    Bristow		E McNamara
    Shaukhat	+Condliffe
    Edmondson	Caldwell
    Ethan McNamara and Rhys Williams ripped the heart out of the Sharks' performance, as they fell from 63 for one to 77 for seven. An excellent, threatening and polished performance saw them all out for 135, leaving the Broncos with an easy target. Despite a meagre effort from Hogarth and Speirs at the top of the order, the Broncos eked home thanks to Williams' 23.

    Garven Island Sharks 135 all out (36 overs; E McNamara 4/18 [5], R Williams 3/11 [3], Ditchburn 2/23 [8], Speirs 1/17 [5])
    Fitzworthingham Broncos 136 for five (39.3 overs; Nixon 50, Williams 23*; Shaukhat 2/20 [7])

    Fitzworthingham Broncos (10pts) beat Garven Island Sharks (0pts) by five wickets
    Man of the Match: E. A. P. McNamara (Fitzworthingham Broncos)

    Gofftown Tigers v Nixonstown Foxes

    Ball By Ball

    Gofftown	Nixonstown
    Thampi		Prestwidge
    Courtis		Dravid
    Malthus		Eccles
    Swann		Sanjeet
    Mahmood		Dalton
    Hartley		Tushar
    Jamaluddin	Laeeq
    Thomas		Riaz
    +Patel		Adhikari
    Demeza		Teisseire
    Kipling		Flanaghan
    The Tigers' bowling disappointed in their own oval, as only Greg Thomas escaped with respectability. Nitin Dravid bashed a quick 30, while the rest of the order contributed solid scores and took runs off Demeza in particular, though he took some late-order wickets to end with the lowest average. When James Malthus was run out for 12, the game looked decidedly over

    Nixonstown Foxes 252 for seven (50 overs; Dalton 77*; Thomas 2/39 [10], Demeza 3/51 [9])
    Gofftown Tigers 203 all out (46 overs; Jamaluddin 64; Riaz 3/32 [9], Teisseire 2/9 [3], Flanaghan 2/53 [10])

    Nixonstown Foxes (9pts) beat Gofftown Tigers (0pts) won by 49 runs
    Man of the Match: T. W. Dalton (Nixonstown Foxes)

    Greater Robbham de Grooters v Campsfield Braves

    Ball By Ball

    Greater Robbham	Campsfield
    Lucas		Langdon
    Tariq		Jahangir
    Fortune		Blackman
    Sukhvinder	Jamil
    Broadbridge	Jacklin
    Palmer		Dunks
    +Jervis		Collins
    Amir		+Harvey
    Pardhasaradhi	Hasabnis
    Finnegan	Das
    Buxton		McEwan
    A huge 112 from Tariq Khan propelled Greater Robbham to a very defendable 229 on a difficult Bar Ground wicket; Collins was ineffective and only given eight overs, of largely unimpressive bowling.

    The finish was nailbiting. Jahangir and Blackman took the Braves to a comfortable position at 150 for one, but Robbham's captain, obviously not pleased with Amir hopping at fine leg, gave him another spell after his start of 4-1-8-0. The results were spectacular. Though runs flowed in his first over, he then trapped Blackman lbw in the next, before jamming two quick ones to get rid of Jamil and Jacklin. He was rested for the death - and quickly provided two more wickets, completing an excellent five-for. Pardhasardhi cleaned up and de Grooters took an improbable victory.

    Greater Robbham de Grooters 229 for four (Tariq 112*; Langdon 2/34 [10])
    Campsfield Braves 198 all out (48 overs; Jahangir 91, Blackman 60; Amir 5/44 [10], Pardhasaradhi 2/15 [6], Sukhvinder 2/32 [10])

    Greater Robbham de Grooters (9pts) beat Campsfield Braves (0pts) by 31 runs
    Man of the Match: M. U. Amir (Greater Robbham de Grooters)

    Maddington Frenzy v Edfield Seahawks

    Ball By Ball

    Maddington	Edfield
    Sharma		+Mørk
    Kellaway	Barnaby
    Malone jnr.	Herbert
    G Simpson	Derick
    Kross		Morton
    Fielke		Baber
    H Simpson	Borcich
    Syed		Satish Kumar
    Payne		Whitehead
    +Lawrell	Banik
    Stobo		James
    Håkon Mørk made 66 as the Seahawks battled to a competitive total in Maddington against an extremely impressive bowling effort. Syed started the battle with two wickets with the new ball, and when Payne had Derick bowled to redeem an expensive spell they looked in trouble. But Morton helped Mørk stabilise the innings, and the two added 100 of the 210 runs. However, despite electric fielding, the bowling effort was too feeble against a fine inning from Malone jnr., who guided his team to a big tally with his 70. Props also went to Fielke, whose unbeaten 50 took his team across the line.

    Edfield Seahawks 210 all out (49.1 overs; Mørk 66, Morton 59; Syed 2/19, Malone jnr. 2/34, Simpson 2/36, Kross 2/41)
    Maddington Frenzy 214 for seven (48.1 overs; Malone jnr. 70, Fielke 50)

    Maddington Frenzy (8pts) beat Edfield Seahawks (0pts) by three wickets
    Man of the Match: R. Malone jnr. (Maddington Frenzy)

    Stedingham Jets v Pickford Panthers

    Ball By Ball

    Stedingham	Pickford
    Stedman		Richings
    Wallis		Bhattacharjee
    +Gaukroger	McCrystal
    Reddlapalli	Cockerill
    Deodhar		Gokarn
    Prabhakar Rao	+Hepworth
    Chaudhari	Trafford
    Hogarth		Rabone
    Innes		Chopra
    Petherick	Jacob
    Bala		Bhadauria
    James Stedman demolished the Pickford Panthers for a typical one-day innings, lashing out 146 not out against the part-timers. In frustration, the Panthers threw down 25 wides in a highly substandard performance, while Megan Gaukroger plucked up 62 runs in a useful, if slow, innings. The target always looked huge; Stedman followed up by having both openers caught behind off his medium pace, and Hogarth cleaned up as the Panthers posted a creditable 241, nevertheless falling well short.

    Stedingham Jets 290 for three (Stedman 146*, Gaukroger 62)
    Pickford Panthers 241 for eight (Cockerill 84, Gokarn 56; Hogarth 4/52, Bala 2/48, Stedman 2/49)

    Stedingham Jets (9pts) beat Pickford Darters (0pts) by 49 runs
    Man of the Match: J. E. Stedman (Stedingham Jets)

    Twybridge Titans v Davistow Darters

    Ball By Ball

    Twybridge	Davistow
    Joslin		Bayley
    +Hale		Chapman
    Weber		+Read
    White		Cassidy
    Cotterill	Ehsan
    Dolphin		Waheed
    Amresh Kumar	Murdoch
    J McNamara	Dawlat
    Bokey		Lawrence
    Forner		Naik
    Gunn		Pradeep
    Twybridge failed to pile on the pressure after Forner's early strikes, with McNamara letting things go in his ten overs worth 53. Thus, Cassidy and not the least Murdoch could up the target considerably, and the total of 205 looked at least a moderate challenge. However, Tarick Weber ensured no problems, hitting twelve fours and one six as the Titans blasted past the target with six overs to spare despite finding themselves at 58 for three at the 12-over mark.

    Davistow Darters 205 for seven (50 overs; Cassidy 59; Forner 3/19 [5], McNamara 2/53 [10])
    Twybridge Titans 207 for four (44.1 overs; Weber 93*; Cassidy 2/40 [10])

    Twybridge Titans (9pts) beat Davistow Darters (0pts) by six wickets
    Man of the Match: T. V. Weber (Twybridge Titans)


    Twybridge	2-0-1	27
    Fitzworthingham	2-1-0	24
    Maddington	2-1-0	22
    Greater Robbham	2-1-0	22
    Edfield		1-2-0	18
    Campsfield	1-2-0	18
    Stedingham	2-1-0	17
    Davistow	1-1-1	15
    Pickford	1-2-0	13
    Nixonstown	1-1-1	13
    Gofftown	1-2-0	11
    Garven Island	0-2-1	 6

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    Great start to the year for the Titans.

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