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Thread: Zimbabwe v England ODI series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    Yes, because if you knew a thing about one-day cricket you'd realise that you can have as high an average as you want if your economy-rate is good, and Prosper's is - far, far, far better than anyone else within sight of the team since Streak.

    You still need to be able to take wickets.

    Especially if you're "the side's only good bowler"

    Just look at England vs India when Harbhajan conceded 14 from 10 overs, England just saw him off and went after the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    And Zimbabwe's back-up bowlers are far better than their front-liners
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    Scaly Piscine: The back-up bowlers after Utseya are basically batsmen who turn their arm over - ie cannon fodder or awful as I said.

    And? I commented on them when?
    See that's why you're on my ignore list, you can't even be bothered to read your own posts (I shall do likewise) - there's no point arguing with someone who can't be bothered to read/listen and just rambles in large volumes to compensate.

    I agree with marc that ODI teams need wicket-takers, you need a balance of tight bowlers and wicket-takers in any ODI side. Get too many wicket-takers and you can get hammered on a decent track and have to bowl part-timers because the wicket-takers won't be bowled through their full 10 or you can have what happened to England when you have too many 'tight' bowlers - you don't finish teams off.

    I'm still worried that England's under-strength team will lose a game - I guess the games against Sri Lanka will be a better indicator than the games against Pakistan.

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    If I'm on your ignore list I'm only too glad, if it means I don't have to read this rubbish you keep posting at me. Here, those quotes make absolutely no sense whatsoever. If you're going to use the site, better learn to use it properly.
    I read your post perfectly clearly and I responded perfectly clearly. If you're determined to manufacture "rambling" and such by creating non-existent quotes I really couldn't care less. No-one else has ever had any problems.
    In Zimbabwe's case, they have few wicket-takers and few bowlers capable of keeping the rein on things.
    Hence, someone with an average of 220 and an economy-rate of 4.08-an-over will be considered by most sensible people to be better than bowlers with records such as ER 5.56 and average 36.12 (Hondo) and ER 5.46 and average 32.78 (Panyangara). Both have taken a few wickets recently so we can reasonably expect those averages to go up in imminent games.
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    Every good ODI side needs a good balance of wicket takers and tight bowlers and ZImbabwe doesn't have that

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    Zimbabwe doesn't have a lot ATM, sadly, so it's not too much of a surprise, really.

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    not far away from you
    ive been impressed by brendan taylor, has an excellent square drive.
    i do hope however that they bat him in the right position(at 4), he is not a test match quality opener.
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    Our batting will be good enough. In the champions trophy we spluttered a bit but Collingwood showed that once set, any batsmen can take it to their bowlers, doesn't have to be Flintoff every time. I hope Pietersen will be this man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaly piscine
    Anyone else a bit worried that England will manage to lose at least 1 of the 5 ODIs and do more harm than good as far the Mugabe situation goes?
    You could kiss the feet of every other world leader and tell them something needs to be done about it, and it would make no difference to the Mugabe situation... Somehow I don't think a game of cricket would..
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