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Thread: Auction draft II - ODI

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    Oh right, how about 10% or something?

    And, as requested, my spreadsheet is attached.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178 View Post
    This sounds interesting...
    1. Nominator's bid will be disclosed at the time of listing the nominated players of a round (of course, 'who nominated whom' would not be disclosed)...

    2. Then every bidder can bid for any no. of the nominated players other than the player nominated by himself (because that's something he has already submitted).

    3. It's not necessary to bid for all the players. Bid for the players you want, and don't bid for the players you don't. But no bid less than the nominator's bid will be accepted.

    4. Players will be allotted to bidders according to marc's procedure, but the remaining players will not be absorbed for the highest bid received in that round, rather they'll be absorbed for the highest bid received for that player (including the nominator's bid).

    5. If more than 1 bidder remains empty-handed after the normal allocation of players, the players will be allocated in the order of remaining cash balance with the bidders, i.e. the bidder with the higher cash balance in his kitty gets the player with higher maximum bid received.

    6. To make the time span of the thread shorter, there can only be 5 rounds each with 3 players per bidder (so, every drafter makes team of 5*3=15 in the end). This rule also takes care of what seemed to me to be a weak point of marc's game that 'you can't get more than 1 player in a round'.

    7. I really wanted to host this one if I had time. If a helpful member of CW does the same for me he's more than welcome. But, I'll be very happy if he doesn't change these rules (and does it for test matches, of course).
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    That does sound good. Would it make sense if you want to run it that maybe you let honestbharani run his first so that you then have a bit more time?

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    Sounds good weldone and hb.

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