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Thread: A timeless lesson from Archie Mac

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    A timeless lesson from Archie Mac

    A timeless lesson from Archie Mac
    Can today's England selectors learn anything from a match played almost 90 years ago? Martin believes so and in this feature explains why

    by Martin Chandler

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    Very interesting read. Great article. Need more similar ones . I think this is where we can really differentiate ourselves from places like cricinfo. They don't do this often, and we have enough members well versed enough to really put out some quality articles. The one on Sehwag and Bradman by SJS was also like this.

    Different and interesting. And much more lasting than discussing only a pressing issue - historical context makes the articles much more timeless.
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    The England selectors probably could learn something from that match, then again most of that sorry bunch of plebs could learn something from an episode of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.

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    Great Stuff Archie, Loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanz View Post
    Great Stuff Archie, Loved it.
    Thanks mate

    Just kidding Sanz

    I have read a lot about this, and must give full credit to Martin, this is the equal of any I have ever read
    You know it makes sense.

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