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Thread: How do I join

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    How do I join

    I would like to join a cricket club in london, I am 15 in august so what age group would I play for, how long are games and seasons, how to I get started

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    There aren't many cricket clubs in central London I'm afraid. Whereabouts in London are you? You may need to travel out into the counties to get a game. Best thing would be to get in touch with your nearest first-class county as they have contacts with many local clubs (who provide them with players for 2nd XI matches). They may be able to put you in touch with a club in your area. I'm sure most would welcome a keen 15-year-old if you're any good. Expect to help out around the ground as well, though.

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    When I moved to the place I am at now I just opened up the phonebook (Yellow Pages) and called a few places.

    Then just randomly turned up to practice one day.

    Even at 15, dont be scared just head down to a place and join in.
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    if ur 15 u'll probably need to join the u17s depending on what year you are in at school, if ur in year 11 u17s and year 10 u15s well thats how it is in harrogate, 20 over matches u17s on thursdays and u15s sunday mornings. well thats what its like whr i live

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    I would like to join a cricket club in london, I am 15 in august so what age group would I play for, how long are games and seasons, how to I get started
    You should play U15's and under 18's. with your birthday in August you have just missed out on a u15 season. They judge age on school year. But like the others said you won't find many cricket clubs in central London. Travelling may be an issue. Your better of joining a club when your young anyway. The season if from April to September. Depending if you play senoir standard. Otherwise you play anything from 10-20 games.
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    If you turn 15 in August - i.e. born August 1992 - you're eligible to play Under 15 in the summer of 2007. That's definite!

    Have a look on as well - that can give you useful contacts of local clubs.

    Most age-group cricket comes as 20/25 over-a-side matches season May-July, but if you play adult cricket (and if you're any good, by age 15 you should be) it's 40-50 overs, and season April-September.

    Let us know how you go.
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    Interested to hear about 20 overs games for u15 and u17s there. Do you guys have under 16s comps or do you go up by 2 year age brackets?

    In our comp, we play kids Saturday mornings to Saturday mornings - 60 overs per side from under 11s up. Under 10s is modified cricket where everyone bats & bowls for a certain number of balls. They wanted to bring in more one day games over the xmas-new year break for the juniors, but it was knocked back on the basis that they didn't want to expose juniors to 30 over a side slog fests.
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