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Thread: Pollock closes in on highest ever ODI bowling rating

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    Pollock closes in on highest ever ODI bowling rating

    I have just noticed that Shaun Pollock is operating about the 920 mark, just 20 points off the record set by Joel Garner, as far as ODI bowling rankings goes, pretty impressive. Do you think he'll get there?
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    While assuming he plays all of the World Cup, then I think the game against Australia i the group stage will decided whether or not he gets there. Before that game South Africa will play Scotland and the Netherlands and if he does play, I doubt his overall ranking will be affected too much becasue of the quality of opposition. It would be nice to see him get there, he's certainly been bowling very well.
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    20 points is a lot, especially post 900. I don't think he'll get there.
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    I think Australia will beat SA because they'll be really wanting to send a message to everyone that they're back. So I'll go no.
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    They won't be able to if they're not good enough.
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    Shaun Pollock is an absoloute dream to have in your One Day side... I have never seen a wayward ball from him, alwaways on taget, never expensive, and can pick up a few wickets aswell... And hold a bat.
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    i feel he is essential to and if they are to win the wc hell need to play well which i feel he will. but 920 points will be very hard to reach although if anyone is to beat garners record i hope its him. he has really hit top form after it looked as if his career was on a downward trend fast last year

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    come on pollock u can do it buddie!!

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    It would be great if he did but I don't think he'll get there even though his bowling form in recent OD games has been great. I could see SA resting him for one of the two games against Scotland and the Netherland which means he'll lose a small percentage of points and then need to rely on putting in good performances against Australia and in the super 8's. He should be able to get to second though as Hadlee is just 3 points away.
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    I've seen virtually all SA's games in the last couple of years and his ranking is a joke!

    Amongst SA bowlers it's Ntini >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest

    Pollock is a pale shadow of the bowler he was at his peak and his recent performances are more an indication of the green-tops produced in SA of late

    If the pitches produced for the WC are typical WI pitches, expect him to get well and truly burned by the better teams - bowling 1.5 feet outside off at less than 130 ks is not that impressive on flat decks with short boundaries

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    Social obviously unaware of the difference between ODI and test cricket.

    Fail to see how SA and Pak can score 350+ on 'greentop' wickets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by social View Post
    I've seen virtually all SA's games in the last couple of years and his ranking is a joke!

    Amongst SA bowlers it's Ntini >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest
    Ntini since the start of 2006:

    20 matches
    36 wickets
    21.61 average
    28.80 SR
    4.48 econ

    Pollock since the start of 2006:

    26 matches
    41 wickets
    17.63 average
    1x4w and 1x5w
    34.5 SR
    3.06 econ

    Both pretty effective, playing on the same pitches. I'd even say Pollock has been more effective, given that he's been vastly more economical and taken wickets at a great rate too. Yet Ntini is so far superior? Why? Has Ntini been playing on some other pitches? Because apparently he's not the one cashing in on these many greentops.
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    he wont get there
    by the time he gets to south africa again his rating will be around 800

    he will get battered in the slow pitches of the windies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Social obviously unaware of the difference between ODI and test cricket.

    Fail to see how SA and Pak can score 350+ on 'greentop' wickets.

    Of the 9 completed ODIs in SA this season, the tourists made 6 scores of 200 or less with only one score in excess of 300. There were also 2 scores of less than 110.

    When you consider that a score of 275 is barely a "pass" on SA postage stamp grounds, that gives you a pretty good indication of how poor the wickets were.

    The fact is that the SA curators, faced with teams from the sub-continent, produced green-top after green-top knowing that the tourists could not fight fire with fire.

    Also, I trust youre aware that many SA commentators, at the beginning of the season, were hoping that Pollock would retire this year as they did not want to see one of SA's favourite sons dropped in the twilight of his career.

    He is a shadow of the bowler that he was and, as I said, miles behind Ntini amongst others, IN ANY FORM OF THE GAME.

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