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Thread: Cricket Related Rhyming Slang

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    Cricket Related Rhyming Slang

    Inspired by the "Michelle Pfieffer (sp)" thread, I thought it would be good to get a thread to collate all the cricket related rhyming slang that people have picked up over the years.

    David Boon - tunes. "Put on some David Boons"
    Bob Massie - chassis. "She's got a great Bob Massie"
    Chaminda Vaas - gluteus maximus. I was once sledged out on the field, "You don't have a bum! You've got no Chaminda!"
    Trever Gripper - slipper. "Jump into the grippers for me".

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    Michael Slater - grater. Used in the kitchen primarily. "Pass us the Michael Slater, champ"
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    It's not rhyming slang as such, but when I've had ten pints of Guinness, I'm nice and Freddied
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    Commonly used where I played were the David Gowers.

    Used for that after game wash.
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    Andrew Strauss - house. "I'm just moving into a new Andrew Strauss"
    Alastair Cook - book. "I'm reading a really good Ali Cook at the moment"

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    Graham Gooch - Pooch. As in "Thats a nice Graham Gooch you got there, buddy"
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