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Cricket Related Rhyming Slang


Global Moderator
Inspired by the "Michelle Pfieffer (sp)" thread, I thought it would be good to get a thread to collate all the cricket related rhyming slang that people have picked up over the years.

David Boon - tunes. "Put on some David Boons"
Bob Massie - chassis. "She's got a great Bob Massie"
Chaminda Vaas - gluteus maximus. I was once sledged out on the field, "You don't have a bum! You've got no Chaminda!"
Trever Gripper - slipper. "Jump into the grippers for me".


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Michael Slater - grater. Used in the kitchen primarily. "Pass us the Michael Slater, champ"


Norwood's on Fire
It's not rhyming slang as such, but when I've had ten pints of Guinness, I'm nice and Freddied


Hall of Fame Member
Commonly used where I played were the David Gowers.

Used for that after game wash.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
Andrew Strauss - house. "I'm just moving into a new Andrew Strauss"
Alastair Cook - book. "I'm reading a really good Ali Cook at the moment"