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Thread: Favourite XI

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    You know I am in the very small minority who is unsure of calling Warne the greatest leg spinner of all time. But what Warne has is an amazing quality to throw up these huge turning legspinners over after over after over and maintain his accuracy. For a wrist spinner who is not fastish and gives such a massive tweak, he is astonishingly accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBH001
    I remember Alec Bedser saying that his early bowling training (with his brother Eric) involved placing a square white piece of paper on a good length in the nets, and bowling at that hour after hour.
    i do this also. get an 14 piece of paper, cut it in half and put it on a good length. i then try to hit it everytime. my best ever is four times in an over i think (which doesnt sounds like many but i find it really hard sometimes). great practice. sorry to go o-t...
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    A Batting training I used to do was , Putting the ball in a sock then tieng and hanging it with a slinging wire on the roof of my room and then trying to go forward and playing a drive making bat and pad combo.....
    And for bowling , Tennis ball with a coating of electrical tape and just bowling as fast as i Could .......I remember that some players used to put a shining coin on the pitch and tried to hit it ........
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    Quote Originally Posted by SJS

    You know I am in the very small minority who is unsure of calling Warne the greatest leg spinner of all time. But what Warne has is an amazing quality to throw up these huge turning legspinners over after over after over and maintain his accuracy. For a wrist spinner who is not fastish and gives such a massive tweak, he is astonishingly accurate.
    His accuracy is the result of a lot of training. An Australian magazine Inside Cricket recently had an article on Warne where they described his first attempts at perfecting his flipper. The first time he bowled an over of flippers in the nets four didn't even land on the pitch. The fifth would have been a wide and the last was so short it would have been pulled for at least a 4.

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    I like to list what I call a VISUAL DELIGHT XI. Players whom I enjoyed the most watching.

    1. Majid Khan
    2. Mark Waugh
    3. David Gower
    4. SachinTendulkar
    5. GR Vishwanath
    6. VVS Laxman
    7. Taylor
    8. Richard Hadlee
    9. Dennis Lillee
    10 Michael Holding
    11 Bishan Bedi

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    Gordon Greenidge|Matty Hayden| Hilary Angelo Gomes|Vivian Richards|Sachin Tendulkar|Ian Healy|Richard Hadlee|Mike Holding|Curtley Ambrose|Waseem Akram|Shane Warne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Western Warrior
    I agree. I can remember Bradman once saying that Hadlee was the only bowler who would have caused him a few anxious moments had Hadlee been playing in the 30's/40's.

    I can remember him at the Allan Border tribute match, still batting with the effortless abandon that he had. Sadly his bowling lacked the zip but it was still good to see him having a go after illness put an early end to his career.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zinzan12
    Quite a complement from the Don. I imagine Sir **** would be quite chaffed
    Sir ****... is that why your parents called you 'zinzan' instead?
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    Atherton - stubborn, good player before his back troubles
    Slater - so outwardly passionate
    Lara - genius
    Gower - elegant
    MWaugh - loved his attitude
    Dravid - obdurate; great powers of concentration
    Gilchrist - res ispa locquitor
    Warne - great team man, and a genius
    Akram - the most talented cricketer ever
    Waqar - great to watch bowl
    Donald - he looked so evil at the top of his mark

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    Picked partly on ability, partly on personal admiration and partly on personality. All 90s or later, since I wanted to pick it purely on my memories of watching the games live, and anything in the 80s is dim at best for me.

    Mark Taylor (c) - Not the prettiest or most naturally gifted of players, but worked incredibly hard, and was a classical opener who liked nothing more than going to lunch with a dozen runs off 100 balls next to his name. Also the best captain I have ever had the pleasure to watch at work, and one of the best slippers.

    Michael Atherton - Another great fighting cricketer who played some amazing innings.

    Ricky Ponting - Great batsman to watch in full flight. His innings in the World Cup final of 2003 alone is worth watching over and over.

    Brian Lara - Simply the most brilliant batsman of my lifetime. An unstoppable force on his day, and nothing is certain for the opposition before he is out.

    Steve Waugh - Watching him destroy the formiddable West Indian bowling attack was one of the biggest joys in my cricket-watching life to date, and he'll always be a favourite for that. One of the players I have a soft spot for who seems to perform best when the odds are against him.

    Jaques Kallis - Another batsman I just love to watch. A few problems with being a bit selfish in his style and not necessarily someone who thrives under adversity, but has played some great back-to-the-wall knocks as well such as his 99 against a rampant Australia in the boxing day test in 2001. I also love watching a quality all-rounder, and he used to be one.

    Adam Gilchrist (k) - The most devastating batsman of my time, and possibly ever. Amazing to watch, a quality captain when he gets the chance (better than Ponting by far imo), and a good keeper as well.

    Wasim Akram - The most unplayable quick bowler I've seen on his day, and always dangerous. Exciting batsman as well who never quite lived up to his ability in terms of results.

    Shane Warne - A bowler I simply love to watch. On his day one of the greatest ever, and reliable even when the situation is stacked as badly as possible against his bowling style, against everyone except India. Also responsible for some of the most memorable match-winning efforts with the ball I have ever watched.

    Curtley Ambrose - Deadly accurate and had the ability to frustrate the batsman and take momentum from them, but could also be brutally devastating. His spell in Perth is one of the first cricket events that I still remember clear as day (well, that whole series, which is one of the greatest ever).

    Glenn McGrath - A fair candidate for any all-time XI, and the best bowler I have ever seen. Automatic inclusion.
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    michael slater - a space cadet, more brain explosions than a cambodian minefield, but was always great to watch.

    matthew bell - remember when nz came over here in 01/02 he opened, and did ok. this was not enough for the commentators, who gave him a barrelling over his apparent technical problems. i felt sorry for him, and he seemed like a friendly enough lad. hence inclusion here

    andrew flower - arguably kept his country competitive single-handedly for a period of time. and someone who reverse sweeps like that ....

    greg blewett - enjoyed watching him bat as much as anyone else. had such a glorious cover drive - it was as though he was stepping half way down the pitch to meet the ball. and then the front foot pull shot. pity mushtaq ahmed got him out for fun...

    jonty rhodes - wonderul batsman, fielding doesn't need to be spoken about. but what i loved about him was his general enthusiasm for the game of cricket. he was always so up, full of beans, and looked as though he would have been the best team man anyone could ask for. and he could reverse sweep...

    douglas marillier - for nearly pulling off that upset victory against australia with the first incarnation of the "lap", i salute...

    paul strang - at risk of just naming the whole zimbabwean side, i thought he really had potential. he could hold a bat, and give the ball a good rip. much like rhodes, he seemed to have this undying enthusiasm for cricket, and a real want to learn. disappointing he never really kicked on.

    greg matthews - his intense love for the ganga, his outspokenness, his stupidity, and his completely ridiculous advanced hair ads. ahhh, there'll never be another mo matthews. averaged 41 in test cricket....with both bat and ball! still going around in nsw grade cricket, still thinks he should be playing for nsw too!

    javagal srinath - with his big dirty moustache, and that jiggling action, which i used to love copying in under 12s, which incidentally made it really easy to bowl leg cutters...always gave india his whole heart, and pounded in time after time.

    damien fleming - one of a dying breed. really only hoggard around who is a genuine swing bowler now that he's gone. add to it that flem is a real funny guy, gave his all to everything he did, had great taste in music, and could entertain with the bat.

    chris martin - for being a right hand inswing bowler, of which there are sweet f.a. around these days, and the biggest bunny in world cricket.

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