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Mr Casson

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  • I want to tell you about a game i play called E-Sim. It's a free to play browser based strategy game. It is web text based game that can be played on, every pc, smartphone etc.
    Be a bussinessman, become Party Leader, Congressman, President or Militia Leader, be Journalist, be a rebel

    India is occupied by Iran and we need new players to help fight off the invaders and defend our home land. Together we can hold of the Iran waves of assault. Iran has insulted our

    traditions.Time to demand them to pay back their faults

    Newbies Guide: Tutorial for new players

    our channel: - If you need help, join to US chat channel.
    India channel
    add the nick you want and click "go"

    contact us

    vivek, soumo1989, Kate2,siddesh,

    Join this game :

    Help India! Jay Hind! xx
    Heard a rumour you were giving out BOTM votes to oasis fans. Just sayin'
    Just saw some pictures of yours pop up on Facebook (wasn't stalking, I swear). Congrats mate!
    Cheers for the help lad, much appreciated. As you said, I thought some of the particles given were a bit awkward and not neccessarily the right ones, but in the instructions for each question I was given a set number and told to use all of them so I just tried to make them fit as appropriately as possible. Reckon I should get near enough full marks for that section given the context. Cheers again, I may call on your services again in due course...
    4) Mr Green will give his wife two kabuki tickets on her birthday - グリ-ンさんはおくさんにたんじよびにかぶきのきっぷにまいをあげます.

    (appreciate it should be a small "yo" in birthday, but couldn't find it on the keyboard)
    3) Mrs Sasaki goes for a walk with her husband every morning. - ささきさんはまいあさごしゅじんとさんぽをします.
    2) The new Korean magazine is next to the history book. - あたらしいかんこくのさっしはれきしのほんのとなりにあります.
    Thanks lad...this is what I have for you so far.

    First few questions are all translations, I've been given all the characters I need to use, so it's just a case of arranging the, correctly, no need to add any that aren't already there and so on... if you could make sure I've got it right then I would be much obliged...

    1) Mrs Nakamura is going to buy a bunch of roses at a florist the day after tomorrow. - なかむらさんはあさっばらのはなたばをはなやでかいます.
    Alright ****. Was wondering if you'd be kind enough to do me a favour and help me out with one of my Japanese written assignments, it's fairly basic stuff but I'm just looking for someone in the know to fine tune a few parts for me to make sure they're alright....and I don't know many people who can read/write it...so if you'd be up for helping out a little I'd be much obliged. Hope all is well.
    Cheers mate! :D

    Appreciate your tips. Is centrebet the service you primarily bet with?
    Yeah they can if it's a palpable error, usually if you backdoor it through Tas/WA/ACTTAB they won't though.
    Hey mate. Yep! I don't have a Centrebet account but I told a mate of mine and he said he'd fix it up for me. I imagine he did.

    They couldn't cancel the bet after you already placed it could they?
    Mate, you can change your address with the AEC up to 8 pm today I think, if you need to.
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