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Thread: Left-arm bowling tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outswinger@Pace View Post
    Brilliant! There's nothing, and I repeat nothing, I love seeing in cricket more than that.
    Hi. I'm from Pakistan and a complete cricket fanatic. I'm 6"0 and I'm 14 years old. I'm also a left arm fast medium bowler. It would be very appreciated if anyone can give me advice or tips in bowling. I'm skinny and suffer from lack of pace. For about a month now I have been going to the gym and have improved my diet. I have played a couple of matches from my school as an opener bowler but I bowl a lot of wides down the leg side. Can anyone help me bowl a natural swing bowling across the right hander? All I can do is bowl an in swingerl which goes down the leg side for wide. I would be very grateful for any kind help.

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    Its difficult to say without seeing you bowl - or your action. What I would say Abdullahkhalid is that at 14 years old and 6"0 tall you've got a great natural advantage. You should keep growing for another 3 or 4 years hopefully so I don't think youre action will be fully developed until that.

    As a left arm bowler - the general tips I would give are this;

    You have a natural advantage coming from over the wicket to a right hander (and also left handers actually) because they are not usually used to the angle. When I'm facing a left hander as a batsman I open up my stance to leg a little - but some people don't. If you can bring the ball back into them it can be difficult to get away. The real risk is giving too much width to the right hander and letting them free their arms to crash you through point/cover area (especially if you tend to err on the short side rather than too full). So concentrate on making sure your line and length can be CONSISTENT. I mean practice every day until you can land the ball on a set of car keys - or a handkerchief - and bowl at 1 stump in the back garden or something like that.

    Secondly - once you've got that consistency down - it will take 3 or 4 months probably - but if you work hard and have got some talent anyone can learn to pitch the ball on a consistent length and line - start thinking about using the crease. What I mean is try changing your run up angle when over the wicket - wider and closer to the stumps. This can give you a good variation without actually having to do anything with the ball - so you can keep the consistency of your bowling whilst varying things.

    As a left hander seamer your most likely "stock ball" (i.e. the ball you bowl every over 5 out of 6 or even 6 out of 6 balls) is likely to be an inswinger to the right hander. If you've got this naturally - great. What you need to do next is develop the outswinger - or if youre action will not allow it - the one that goes straight on (cross seam can work - or with the seam pointed at 2nd or 3rd slip and the shiny side of the ball on the leg (or right hand side) to a right hander). This is a very good variation ball and what you're trying to do is set the batsman up by keeping it tight and swinging it in to him (I usually have a mid-wicket catching because a scoring shot is a whip through mid wicket and it can often go in the air). Hopefully if you're consistent you can tie him down and stop him scoring like this. When you think he's getting frustrated give him the away swinger or leg cutter well pitched up and outside off stump. He might well swing hard at it as he sees as scoring opportunity and you can get a catch to gulley or a wide slip!

    Re: developing pace. Don't worry too much about this at first. Keep going to the gym and building your core strength. By this I mean your legs (thighs/hamstrings/calfs) you're abdominal muscles (you're abductor muscles, and your stomach area), you're back and shoulders and then you're chest/arms. Rotate your exercises so you rest in between them and don't neglect any of the areas and do this every day. Make sure you're eating plenty of protein (lots of chicken!!) in the mean time.

    Then when you get in the nets - first; make sure you are holding the ball right. Keep your two fingers on the seam tight together and your thumb on the "rudder" underneath - make sure it is in the tips of your fingers - you don't want to be gripping the ball too tightly. Then try and make sure a) your're wrist is straight when you deliver it (unless you're bowling the cutter). Then very importantly - make sure your non bowling arm (you're right arm) PULLS youre whole body down as you deliver the ball. Think of it like the counterweight on a medieval trebuchet or catapult or something like that - as it comes down (and really PULL it down) - it brings your're whole upper body over to give you more pace. Then make sure you run through the crease and are not stopping in youre delivery stride. Try in the nets to develop a consistent follow through (off the pitch off course) so when you are delivering the ball you are at full speed.

    This should help any fast bowler increase their speed slightly. Keep practising and trying out new things! And remember - when you find something you can do practise and practise it again until you can do it in your sleep. Then practice it some more!!

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    Just try to focus on ur pace and try to bowl up and push the ball in to the right handers by pithing outside off, thats a brutal delivery just master in that if u want dont want to be a jack of all trades but master of none.

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