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Thread: 3rd thread - Ashes predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by MW1304 View Post
    Score: 2-2 [We're due a drawn Ashes series, been ages]
    Most wickets: Anderson, Cummins
    Most runs: Stokes, Warner
    Surprise package(s): Moeen to bat well, save us on a few occasions; Loosechange to make runs
    Disappointments: Stokes with the ball, Buttler with the bat; Khawaja in general
    Probably the best predictions I've ever made, although the ones I got wrong I got really, really wrong. Jimmy's injury covers me for that one though, I'll claim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfighter View Post
    Ah **** it

    Score: 3-1 England
    Most Runs: Root (Eng), Smith (Aus)
    Most Wickets: Anderson (Eng), Cummins (Aus)
    Days of play affected by rain: 7
    Aus' lowest score (10): 100
    Dropped players: Roy (if plays), Eng's no. three (Denly?), whichever of Harris and Burns starts, and Khawaja if fit and plays
    Other: Starc to still not strike a length and take wickets in England, Broad to finally be demoted to first change
    Worst poster: got two in mind so far, names withheld to protect the gutless (i.e. me)
    No, Yes
    No, Yes
    Yes, No, Should've waited till the squads were up, Yes
    Didn't play enough to find out, No
    No (it was flibberty by a country mile)


    Usual crappy standard maintained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post
    3-2 England
    Most runs: Smith, Root
    Most wickets: Cummins, Anderson
    Dropped players: Denly, Harris/Burns (whichever one starts), Hazlewood, Khawaja
    Bold prediction: Series goes to the final day
    Scoreline: Might have happened but for rain
    Runs: Smith was the obvious call. Root was a fair way behind.
    Wickets: Cummins the obvious call. Anderson might've been there if not for injury.
    Dropped players: Khawaja tick. I'll claim the "second opener for Australia gets dropped" too. Hazlewood got omitted for the First Test despite probably being best kind of? Denly no.
    Bold prediction: Pretty close actually in the end. Australia just needed to survive a few more overs tonight for me to claim it.

    Not terrible I guess.
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    RIP Craig Walsh (Craig) 1985-2012
    RIP Hughesy 1988-2014. 63* for eternity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie tragic View Post
    Predicting Aussies to win 3-1, Cummins most wkts, Smith most runs.

    Dropped players: Bancroft, Broad, Roy, Burns, Denly
    Well it should have been 3-1 but I got the Smith and Cummins right.

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    It was fun reading through this thread. Burgey asking "Who is Jack Leach?" way back in July.

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