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Thread: Player Ratings - As We Go By....

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    Eternal Optimist / Cricket Web Staff Member GIMH's Avatar
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    I forgot to give Bairstow a rating which I feel summarises his performance quite well
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    Hall of Fame Member grecian's Avatar
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    I didn't do the last match, but I'd like to mention Rogers innings on the first day which I thought almost changed the entire impetus of the series, didn't work out but was almost game-changing, anyway this match:

    Rogers 8: gritty opener has really done a job for Oz
    Warner 6: fine performance, needed to go on both times though, job half done
    Khawaja 1: feel a bit sorry for him, hapless
    Clarke 5: Really good pro-active captaincy, bowling too good for him
    Smith 1: Honestly poor I'm guessing all his support is ironic.
    Watto 6: really gritty top innings in the first dig, bowled okay in that too. injury meant he did nowt after.
    Haddin 2: Didn't bat or keep well
    Siddle 2: Really disappointing after some sterling performances
    Harris 9: what a bowler, decent innings first up
    Lyon 8: was the best spinner on show
    Bird 3: don't want to do a FJ and dismiss him out of hand, but perfect conditions for his style of bowling, and he really wasn't good second go.

    Cook 5: good 60 and he made some de4cent decisions in the last throes of the match
    Root 2: not good really
    Trott 5: scored 70 odd runs, not looking brilliant, took some good catches
    KP 5: scored 80 odd good runs
    Bell 9: Terrible first innings, second one was great though.
    Bairstow 4: scored some runs fielded okay
    Prior 1: batted terribly kept averagely
    Broad 9: What a bowler what a man
    Bresnan 8: bowled well, batted well
    Swann 7: decent bowling, vital innings'
    Anderson 2: not a great performance from him.
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    Rogers 9.5 - loses half a point for not getting a 50 second dig. World-class.
    Warner 7 - almost put Australia in a winning position, if the middle order was stronger we would've won.
    Khawaja 2 - looks abysmal.
    Clarke 3.5 - captained well I guess. Did take a lot to get him out mind you.
    Smith 1.5 - two failures, and dropped a catch.
    Watson 6 - finally scores some important runs, but then gets out, and then injured. Oops.
    Haddin 4 - kept well, did nothing with the bat though.
    Siddle 2 - quiet. If this is another back-to-back test he probably should be rested.
    Harris 9.5 - world-class, particularly in the second innings.
    Lyon 8.5 - great performance. Maybe not Harris-esque but well deserved figures.
    Bird 3.5 - mediocre. Imagine the **** Starc would get if he took Bird's figures.

    Cook 5.5 - couple of starts.
    Root 2 - err....stayed out there for a while.
    Trott 5 - see Cook.
    Pietersen 5.5 - useful knock in the second innings.
    Bell 9 - nothing needs to be said about the first innings but was amazing in the second innings.
    Bairstow 4 - fought hard I guess.
    Prior 3 - horrid with the bat, OK with the gloves.
    Bresnan 7 - crucial all-round contributions.
    Broad 10 - wow.
    Swann 7 - see Bresnan.
    Anderson 5 - took some key wickets on the third morning, but looks out of sorts and arguably should be rested.
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    Khawaja 2 - looks abysmal.

    It shouldn't of but this made me laugh, just so blunt and to the point.
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    Abysmal really is a great word, just look at it, strange looking word but a brilliant word, still having a chuckle at it, heinous is the one i usually go for but abysmal is definately in from now on.

    Thanks for that.

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    Cricket Web Staff Member Burgey's Avatar
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    Only saw Khawaja's dismissal for the first time this morning. Kid looked like he was batting in Braille.
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    Not as talented as Shoaib Malik

    Cook: 5/10 - Fifty in first innings + Good start in the second
    Root: 2/10
    Trott : 5/10 - ditto Cook
    Pieterson : 6/10 - Important contribution in the second innings.
    Bell: 9/10 - Match winning contribution #1 .
    Bairstow : 4 - Batted okay in the second innings.
    Prior : 3/10
    Bresnan : 7.5/10 - Important second innings batting, gave England a total they could defend and also gave the ever important breakthrough
    Broad : 10/10 - Match Winner #2 & overall best player of the match
    Swann - 7.5/10 - Got two quick wickets on day 3 and good batting on day 4.
    Anderson : 2/10 - Not great.


    Rogers - 9/10 - Great show of grit on day 2, very good as well on day 4.
    Warner - 7.5 - Bad first innings, a completely different animal in the second. Looked like he had taken the game away from England at one point
    Khawaja - 0.5/10 - A bit of leniency here.
    Clarke - 3 - Played a **** shot to get out first innings, was victim of a sizzling delivery in the second.
    Smith - 2 - Looked good until he got out first innings, second was not that good
    Watson - 5.5 - Played well enough in the first innings
    Haddin - 5/10
    Siddle - 3/10 - Uneventful
    Harris : 9.5/10 - Like Broad, inspired respect among the batsmen by unleashing some seriously dangerous bowling.
    Lyon - 7/10 - underrated and kept it tight often.
    Bird - 4/10 - Decent start to his Ashes career I guess, but didn't look particularly fearsome.

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    International Vice-Captain Tangles's Avatar
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    Saw the dismissals and Uzi didn't look good but Smiths was very bad and Watson again.

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    International Coach
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    Cook: 6 Getting starts but not going on. Throwing Bresnan the ball despite bellend Warne clamoring for Broad before he got Warner is brilliant.
    Root: 3 Struggling hugely against the new ball. Big ? still remain about him as an opener.
    Trott : 3 Sick of him getting himself out when he looks totally set and comfortable.
    Pieterson : 6 Good runs in the 2nd innings that stalled the Aussies momentum.
    Bell: 9 Yet again was quality. World class middle order bat.
    Bairstow : 5 Was an important knock in the 2nd innings as it put us into the driving seat. He clearly has talent, but has looked so bad at times its scarcely believable.
    Prior : 1 Nothing with the bat again and crap with the gloves again. Having a horror.
    Bresnan : 8 Showed his value with the bat, and bowled pretty well first innings and excellently 2nd innings.
    Broad : 10 11 wickets, and a couple of the best spells of bowling you can wish to see.
    Swann - 7 Good with the bat, and took 4 important wickets.
    Anderson : 3 Pretty poor with the ball for second game in a row.


    Rogers: 9 Brilliant from Rogers, only loses a mark for getting out at quite crucial times. Just before the new ball first dig and just as he and Warner were really starting to get on top 2nd.
    Warner: 8 Looked all at sea first innings but in the seconds he looked solid, watchful and powerful on anything loose.
    Khawaja:1 Not a test match player. Hopeless against Swann.
    Clarke: 2 Dreadful shot from a player of his class first innings and depite some lol comments otherwise got an unplayable one from Broad.
    Smith: 2 Doesn't really look good enough, struggles against most of the bowlers. Only bright spot is he sometimes looks ok against Swann.
    Watson: 6 Good innings first dig, but compounded the collapse by getting out LBW again.
    Haddin: 3 Kept well but no runs.
    Siddle: 2 Not very threatening with the ball.
    Harris: 10 Brilliant in both innings, and a solid contribution with the bat to give Australia a lead.
    Lyon: 6 Bowled well, kept it tight and bowled very few four balls. Didn't spin it and a fair few of his wickets were give aways but certainly he is a test quality spinner. No reason to be dropped.
    Bird: 4 I thought he looked good first innings, but second innings he looked county standard. Something about him I like though.

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    Cricket Web Staff Member Burgey's Avatar
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    The Castle
    I thought your ratings for England would have been:
    Cook 7
    Root 7
    Trott 7
    Pietersen 7
    Bell 7
    Bairstow 7
    Prior 7
    Broad 7
    Bresnan 7
    Swann 7
    Anderson 7
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    All of England's bowlers are getting a 0 for letting Watson make his Test best score.

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    Hall of Fame Member grecian's Avatar
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    Cook 6
    Root 5
    Trott 5
    KP 8
    Bell 5
    Woakes 2
    Prior 5
    Broad 7
    Swann 7
    Anderson 7
    Kerrigan 0

    Rogers 3
    Warner 1
    Watson 8
    Smith 8
    Clarke 5
    Haddin 3
    Forkers 6
    Siddle 2
    Harris 7
    Lyon 2
    Starc 1

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    Eternal Optimist / Cricket Web Staff Member GIMH's Avatar
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    Overall series ratings

    Cook 5 - didn't score many but the ones he did score were important. Captaincy took a lot of stick but got the job done
    Root 5 - struggled most of the time but played one gun innings and a couple of key wickets
    Trott 4 - again struggled most of the time, played a few decent knocks where you'd have expected him to go on
    Pietersen 6 - see above really, good knock at OT and a few decent starts, great knock tonight
    Bell 9 - not much to say that hasn't already been said
    Bairstow 3 - started to look composed in his last dig then got out, think he'll get another chance but needs to improve massively
    Prior 3 - well below par, signs of improvement in the last Test hopefully point towards a better series in the return leg
    Broad 8 - when he was good, he was incredible. Despite what his figures might have said he rarely fell apart bar the odd spell and played some useful knocks
    Swann 8 - his best series against the Aussies, couldn't have asked for much more from him
    Anderson 8 - ATG performance in one Test, very good in two and disappointing in the other two. The Anderson of 09 wouldn't have come back from his poor displays at OT/Durham though but there's no keeping him down
    Finn 2 - woeful but did make the key breakthroughs in the first Aussie innings of the series for which we should all be grateful
    Bresnan 8 - excellent with bat and ball, a real return to form, let's hope he's fit or the return leg
    Kerrigan 9 - remained unbeaten in his only innings, a sterling effort
    Woakes 5 - hard to rate, bowled erratically, looked decent with the bat on day 3 and in the chase tonight but was poor this morning

    Rogers 8 - kept the new ball at bay so many times, probably a better series than his stats reflected
    Watson 6 - woeful for three tests, decent at Durham, outstanding at The Oval
    Cowan 2 - probably a better batsman than Khawaja
    Clarke 6.5 - played the innings of the series but was unable to reach the heights he's scaled over the past few years the rest of the time, largely due to being Broad's bitch but also received some of the balls of the series
    Smith 6 - great at The Oval, couple of other decent knocks, struggled the rest of the time
    Hughes 5 - as bad as he was at Lord's, he kept a massacre at bay at Trent Bridge and probably deserves a bit more recognition for that
    Haddin 7 - excellent with the gloves, did little with the bat post-TB
    Siddle 7 - ran out of steam towards the end, falling just short overall for me of the standards set by Harris/Anderson/Broad
    Starc 5 - a healthy mix of pies and jaffas keeps things interesting
    Pattinson 5 - wasn't up to the standards we might have expected but he was evidently carrying an injury at least in the second Test, good with the bat
    Agar 6 - the feel good story of the summer at TB but needs to learn to bowl
    Khawaja 0 - makes Ravi Bopara look like Ricky Ponting
    Harris 9 - deserved to be on the winning side
    Warner 4 - cracking knock at Durham but little else of note for all his threat
    Lyon 7 - showed that he should have been in from the start. If he got to bowl at Aussie's line-up then he could bump this up to an 8
    Faulkner 8 - highly impressive on debut, if he'd lost his head tonight then the light may have been irrelevant

    Have a feeling I've forgotten somebody, and as usual these are completely erratic and under no circumstances expected to be fair or balanced

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    Hall of Fame Member grecian's Avatar
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    I was going to do a full series one, but Oz have used so many players, I've forgotten half of them already.

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    Fifth test:

    Alastair Cook - 5 - Important second innings runs
    Joe Root - 5 - Decent first innings fifty
    Jonathan Trott - 7.5 - Decent match. Couple of minor scores, the latter really important in the run chase, and a wicket
    Kevin Pietersen - 8 - Like Trott, but his second innings effort better
    Ian Bell - 6 - Didn't even score a ton
    Chris Woakes - 5 - Would've won it if the light held off for half an hour longer
    Matt Prior - 6.5 - Decent forty odd and was tidy behind the sticks
    Stuart Broad - 7.5 - Pretty good
    Graeme Swann - 7 - Solid all-round mostly
    James Anderson - 7 - See two above him
    Simon Kerrigan - 1 - Feel for him really

    David Warner - 2 - Couple of failures
    Chris Rogers - 4 - Hung around in the first dig
    Shane Watson - 9.5 - Fair play
    Michael Clarke - 5 - Not much to say really
    Steve Smith - 9 - WAFG
    Brad Haddin - 4 - Bonus point for getting the record, which he loses for getting out to Trott
    Forkers Faulkner - 8 - His selection was incredibly justified by almost everything he did happening in a one day like situation. The go to man in the chase
    Mitchell Starc - 6 - OK I guess, still not sold on him though
    Ryan Harris - 8 - Fine bowler
    Peter Siddle - 4 - Bit off colour but still bowled OK in my eyes
    Nathan Lyon - 7 - Incredible to think he was dropped for Agar less than two months ago.
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