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Thread: England's line-up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    That's a good side. If the Poms take the field with that XI I'd expect us to only win 4-0.
    Is that in the football before the series starts?

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    We usually beat England 3-1 in football tbf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellAlbidarned View Post
    Every time I've seen Anderson in the past few years my impression has been "Wow, he's really got the ball on a string, but can he pitch it up just a touch?". He's turned himself into an unlucky bowler through his fear of being driven.
    Yeah, I'm tempted to not mind that so much because, as I've said before in this thread, I think it's crucial no one is leaking runs in a 4 man attack. Conversely, he could probably pitch the ball a bit further up when it's swinging big. I mean, there's a reason Broad took so many more wickets than Anderson in this game, and it's not because Broad was bowling incredibly and Anderson was bowling poorly.

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