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Malone announces Retirement!
Son to follow in foot steps.

CW cricket stalwart, Rob Malone has announced that he will retire from professional cricket at the end of Season XII. Speaking at an impromptu press conference after a net session at the PDV Dome public facilities, Malone made the announcement with a smile on his face, but tears in his eyes. "My present form and fitness suggests I could play on but all good things must come to an end," he said. The batsman was clearly emotional, but insisted that he had thought the decision through thoroughly, discussing it with his wife and family. “There is that element of sadness,” Malone said, “But the overwhelming emotion for me is there is a lot more to do in life and I am looking forward to it.” Malone has served CW cricket at every playing level, coming up through the system as a youth prospect and developing into one of the leading batsmen in CWLand. With a decade of service at first-class level, and more than 7000 runs in either form of the game, Malone is truly one of Cricket Web's finest. The high point of his career was arguably his score of 253 not out for New South Wales, the highest FC score by a CW batsman until Blackman's 301 not out at the tailend of Season XI.

Malone retirement Announcement.

Rodgie Suspended
CWBCC Crack Down.

Following Justin Rodgie's recent comments in the Black clubhouse despite being asked to leave by two captains, the CWBCC have suspended Justin Rodgie for the first four competitive matches played by Green this season. Chairman Håkon Mørk commented that he was sorry to make this decision, but felt that the comments were of such a nature that the CWBCC had to intervene. When asked to specify, Mørk said that Rodgie had been repeatedly forming baseless insinuations of cheating and had revealed a clear lack of respect for other players and teams.

Rodgie Suspended.

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Rest in peace Fardin Qayyumi.

A life lost far too soon. Our thoughts are with his family and cherished ones.

Fardin, you shall never be forgotten.

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