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Cricket Web Land is the youngest nation to achieve Test status - just a sample of its rich history.

The History of CWLand

The History of CW Cricket

History of Cricket Web Land

Map of CW Land

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Map drawn by Neil Pickup.

Location: Off the coast of Western Australia. Population: 5,132,744
Area: 13,755kmē Population Density: 373.15 people per kmē


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Nixontown Davistow (info provided by David Kennett)
Population: 1,400,000 Population: 150,000
Famous Faces: James Nixon III, Kwase Knight, Berry True, John "Eddie" Sanders Famous Faces: Dave Watt, David Kennett, Dave Richards, Loddy Twinshins.

The capital city of Cricket Web Land, Nixontown is comfortably the largest city in the country. Established in 1905 by CWLand founder, James Nixon I, Nixontown's location boasts strategic positioning on the east coast.

Once famous as a flourishing sheep-herding community, the city is now the centre of all business activity in the country. It houses the Parliament, the Prime Minister's main residence, and the CWBCC central office.

One of the most famous sons of Cricket Web Cricket, John "Eddie" Sanders was born in Nixontown back in 1968. He later made his home in Edfield (formerly Yorfisham).

The City of Davistow is the thirteenth largest city in CW Land, with a healthy population of approx 150,000. Situated on the north west coast, ten kilometres north-west of Pickford, the city is know for it's beaches and arguably the best weather that CW Land has to offer.

Davistow, city of champions, champion Red pacemen that is. Perhaps the most famous people hailing from Davistow are the Red pace duo Dave Watt and David Kennett. Born and bred in Davistow, they've made the town watt it is, bringing it from relative obscurity in cricketing circles to a power in the grade competition.

Another famous face is that of CW Blacks Dave Richards, sometimes captain of CW Black, and all round nice guy. Also of note is CW Red Weekly and CW Rumour Mill editor Loddy Twinshins. Often controversial in his approach to media, Loddy is nevertheless an influential member of CW Society.

Campsfield Edfield
Population: 283,100 Population: 1,008,000
Famous Faces: Liam Camps sr., Liam Camps jr., Berry True Famous Faces: Devil Ducky, Megan Gaukroger
Located on the South West coast of the island, Campsfield is perhaps the most scenic of cities in CWLand.

Boasting the finest beaches in the country, it is now wonder why it is the second most-visited by tourists. The state of the art PDV Dome is the centrepiece of the sporting community of Campsfield.

Despite housing such a facility, the city has not produced many first-class cricketers, with Liam Camps jr. being the only one to play Test cricket for the CW XI to date.

As far as the youth population of CWLand is concerned, Edfield is the place to be. Not only is it the home of the largest multiplex this side of Europe, but it features a booming music scene.

Founded as Yorfisham, the city was renamed in historic fashion in 1986 after its adopted son John "Eddie" Sanders. The honour was in recognition of his outstanding achievement of 578 grade wickets before the age of 17. Sanders went on to represent the CW XI famously.

Following his retirement in 2009, Sanders established Lucky Eddie RecordsŪ, which to date is the only major label operating in CWLand.

Edfield is perhaps best known, however, as having produced the world-renowned stand-up comedian, Devil Ducky.


History of Cricket Web Cricket

Cricket Web Cricket was established officially in 1979 with the introduction of grade cricket. The competition initially featured just three teams, but that number has since grown to ___.

In 2003, the International Cricket Council (ICC) shocked the world by welcoming Cricket Web Land to the world of international cricket. Without any domestic structure beyond grade cricket, the nation seemed entirely unprepared for the honour.

The decision stirred much conversation around the world, as the only first-class cricket to have been played in the country was a one-off Test match between Pakistan and India in 1992.
  The Cricket Web XI took the field for the first time in South Africa, playing before minimal crowds and facing pressing questions as to their status.

The three Test series ended 2-1 to the home side, but the one victory was historic and went a long way toward establishing a measure of respect for CWLand and a cricketing nation.

Immediately following the tour of South Africa, the Cricket Web Cricket Board of Control (unusually dubbed the CWBCC) established the Development League - Cricket Web Cricket's maiden first-class competition.

Given the miniscule player pool available to CW Cricket in the early days, it is a wonder that the CW XI won anything at all. Despite the limitations, the team progressed to become one of the leading one-day international powers in the world of cricket.

As the number of Dev League cricketers has grown, Test success continues to be elusive, but the Cricket Web XI continues to improve and prove its worth at international level.


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