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Frequently Asked Questions answered for your pleasure.

Special thanks to Daniel Towns for the initial write-up.

Cricket Web Cricket FAQs

1) What is this?
Cricket Web XI is a simulated league where you play as a first class cricketer in the professional leagues of CWLand. You start out as a rookie and gradually mature as a cricketer, and good performances and behaviour in the spirit of cricket may see you called up to the two representative sides of CW, the senior Cricket Web XI or the CW U-19 XI. The performances are computer calculated, determined by sign-up stats, experience and a fair few random numbers. Like in the real world, there are playing levels below the senior level; at present the CWBCC recognises the Dev League, with five squads of between 15 and 18 players each, and first grade cricket, where players go to play cricket if they are not selected for their Dev League team.
2) How do I sign up?
Through the web page, using this form. Fill out the form and someone ought to reply with further instructions. A heads up in the Signup Announcements/Introductions thread (or elsewhere in the CW XI subforum) is required in order to be activated for Dev League play.
3) When signing up, do you base your statistics on club scores or can they be completely fictitious?
Normally on club, if you can, but you can make them completely fictitious.
4) Who decides on what is realistic and what isn't?
The decision is ultimately that of the CWBCC, but all stats are adjusted using a standard method.
5) Who are the CWBCC?
The CWBCC are the Cricket Web Board of Cricket Control, and it is co-headed by Liam Camps (Mr Mxyzptlk) and Håkon Mørk (Samuel Vimes).
5) How do you get into a side?
Upon your signup, you are assigned to a side by the CWBCC or granted to the five major clubs to decide which side wants to sign you.
7) How do you get into the starting XI for your Dev League team?
Each Dev League team has its own method of selection. Typically a positive team-oriented attitude and good activity on the forum are rewarded by the selectors.

9) What's the difference between the CW Dev League and the CW XI?
The CW Development League is effectively CW's domestic competition, while the CW XI is our international team.

9) How do you get into the Cricket Web XI?
You get picked by the CW XI selection panel - at the moment Liam, Samuel Vimes, Blewy (captain), Loony BoB (Players' Association Rep, aka Daniel)

10) How do you develop your skills?
As the Development League and international games go on, you have the opportunity to improve (or worsen) your statistics. These will then be used to sim more games, and so on.
During the offseason, you will also have a good chance to improve your stats by play club cricket outside of CWLand.
11) Are there any specific things one needs to do throughout the games/etc?
Not necessarily. Reactions to the team's and your performance is nice, to show that you're taking an active interest.
12) What happens if you are unavailable?
No problem really - just post and tell, or express directly to the CWBCC that you will be absent.
13) What simming program is used?
We have used Syedur Rahman's Cricket Simulator up to Season 7 of the Development League, but seeing that this has limitations (especially in the ODIs, where it tends to have no sense of chasing whatsoever), we have now changed to International Test Cricket for first-class cricket since Season 7 of the Dev League and future Test series since the end of the Bangladesh tour. Howzat One Day International is used for List-A and ODI cricket.
14) Do you have to re-signup every season?
You don't have to sign up again, but if any new stats are introduced (eg, fielding rating was introduced after Season 6), a thread will likely be made and you'll need to post in it. Also, at the start of each season, an inactivity thread will be posted where each player must check-in to ensure activity for the start of the season.
15) What defines inactivity?
Every quarter of the season, a check of activity will done based on forum activity. If a player has not posted relevantly more than twice for two weeks (and has not indicated his absence to the CWBCC), he/she will be declared inactive. For every quarter that a player is inactive, simming average is depreciated.
16) What is Grade Cricket?
Grade Cricket is the level of the sport played below first-class and List-A cricket in CWLand. It is basically second division cricket, and was devised to ensure that players are always active throughout the season (barring injury).
There are offdays for some teams at various points during the season, and on these days, a player may opt to represent his grade side. At this stage, Grade Cricket does NOT affect a player's simming average.
17) How do I qualify for Under-19 cricket?
The only rule for U-19 cricket is to be no older than 19 at the start of the season in which you wish to participate.
18) What is my Cricket Web Cricket age?
Your age is calculated by adding the number of seasons you have served to your age at the point of signup.
19) What is Charity Cricket?
Well as it implies, Charity cricket is a series of matches with all funds generated going to charity. All Development League players are invited to play Charity cricket, and a series of showpiece games are held at the end of each season.



Simming Average Adjustments
  • 4 is added to bowling average and subtracted from batting average unless batting average is under 18 or bowling average is over 30.
  • If batting is less than or equal to 18 and bowling is more than 25, the bowling average is not adjusted.
  • If batting is less than 5 and bowling is more than 22 but less than or equal to 25, the bowling is not adjusted.
  • Peak batting is 45, with any higher value lowered from that point. Effectively, no rookie can average more than 41.
  • If batting is more than or equal to 35, bowling average may not be less than 30. The average is lowered from a peak of 35 by however many less than 30. Eg 25 bowling = 35-5 = 30; 28 bowling = 35-2 = 33
  • If batting is more than or equal to 30 but less than 35, bowling average may not be less than 28. The average is lowered from a peak of 33.
  • If batting and bowling are more than or equal to 30, both are adjusted by 4 points.
  • Base bowling is 22, with any lower value raised from that point.
  • Effectively, no rookie can average less than 26.
  • If bowling average is more than 30, no adjustment is made.
  • Economy peaks at 4.5. Economy lowered by 0.4 if it is more than 3.
  • Bowling averages more than or equal to 40 with no economy entered are assigned an economy of 4.5
  • Bowling averages more than or equal to 35 and less than 40 with no economy entered are assigned an economy of 3.8
  • After 30 FC/35 OD, the career average becomes the base simming average.
  • For part-time bowlers, bowling averages take career average as base only after 25 wickets.
  • If a specialist wicketkeeper averages less than 28, the batting is not adjusted.


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