Due to larger squads from what we had last season, there have been some changes made to the draft this season. The following is a run down of how the draft will run:

  • At the end of the first draft period each team will be required to release 13 to 15 players from their existing squad. These players will be entered into the draft, along with some of the best players from around the world outside WCC. The player release thread will be open for 8 days from 19th May to 27th May.
  • The first two rounds of the draft will done using a draft order. The order is based on your rank in WCC from the lowest to highest in terms of where you finished last season in both forms. 2nd XI performances where taken into account but only played a minor role.
  • The 3rd and 4th round the draft order will be reversed from the first two rounds. This will hopefully allow the higher rank team a chance to get some half decent players during earlier rounds of the draft.
  • The teams that decided to keep more then 15 players will miss either next round or both rounds 5 & 6, depending on if they kept 16 players or 17 players.
  • The last six rounds of the draft will include random draft orders. It should be noted that all teams must have 3 keepers by the end of the draft.

  • Keep an eye on the following thread for draft orders, draft lists and any other information about the draft. If you have any questions regarding the draft post them in the thread below:
    Pre-Season Draft

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