About The WCC

General Information About The WCC

  • The competition will use a sim called Virtual Cricket 4 for both One Day Cricket and First Class Matches

  • We will be using the career averages for each player in their List 'A' Limited overs Career and First Class Career.

  • There will be one game per week. Sims will be run usually on Friday's.

  • Team changes are due by Thursday Midnight ( Australian time ).

  • The competition will be split into 3 divisions, Division One has 10 sides, Division Two has 8 and Division Three has 6, teams will play 10-12 matches each season.

  • - All Divison will have a play off series. The teams entered into the play will vary depending the league.
    - The teams that finish runner up in Divison Three will play the team coming 3rd last in Divison Two. The team that finished 3rd in Divison Two will play the team that came 2nd last in Divison One.
    - The teams finishing 1st in Divison Three will be auto promoted, as well the Top 2 in Divison 2. The teams finishing last in Divison Three will be auto-demoted, as well as the teams finishing in the bottom two in Divison One.

  • Coaches should write a newspaper-style report about after each game as well as announcing their side to the WCC community in their respective Divison Discussion Threads.

  • Players will retire due to age and/or lack of playing time ( and a random factor ).

  • A knockout Cup competition will continue this season. Last season's Quarter Finalist will have a bye during round one. There are plans to have a 2nd XI Cup competition this season

  • Since WCC's revamp we have added the exciting 2nd XI competition to replace the academy series. Players stats in these matches will count towards career stats.

  • A draft will take place at the start of the season. There will be 10 rounds for this seasons.

  • Players can also pick up random injuries ranging from 1 week to the end of season, these will be randomised...

  • - Managers will also be able to select their Ground conditions to suit there squad.... They will be based on a 0-10 scale for the following.... Pace, Movement, Turn. (eg. 2-1-4 means 2-Pace, 1-Movement & 4-Turn)
    - You can make minor adjustments to your ground conditions before each game. You can only increase or decrease any single level by 1 in any week. For example, if your ground was 5-4-2 then you could make it 4-4-2(but not 4-5-3). Changes must be received by Tuesday so that groundsmen can adjust the pitch.
    - This season there will be slight limitation on pitch conditions, to have more sporting pitches. The max for each aspect will be 7 out of 10. Also atleast one aspect has to be 5 or below.

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