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Thread: First Class Round 3 Results & Match Reports

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    First Class Round 3 Results & Match Reports

    Awesome job by everyone this week to submit your team, good work. There is still a couple of people that havent put a side in for the T20 Cup, you have until Friday morning to get that done.
    Some top games this week with some surprising results, hopefully a few people will post a match report or something, doesn't have to be much.

    Division 1
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    Division 2
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    Fantastic effort by the boys there! Looks like the balance may be right...
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    EDIT: Smiffeh here.
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    Karachi thrashed cleanly by Auckland
    Dube to Mahmudullah, SIX runs, short of length this time, skips down and pulls it over deep midwicket, all the way for a six

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    Great win against one of the top teams in the division.

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    I hate my bowlers. Can't even knock off Queensland without Hayden. What a joke.
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    Bleh, horrible bowling effort. Missing Kirtley in our defence, but still. Good effort from Howarth though,158 and 75
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    Great effort particularly without Hayden. Love stepped up in both innings and Kaspa did the job also.
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    NSW Manager Nayak was smiling from ear to ear today, as NSW pulled a real come-from-behind victory, getting 431 runs against what he reckoned was quite a strong North Zone side. "Loved the efforts of the boys there, I absolutely loved every minute, I hope they can maintain this form as long as they go."
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