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Young and well hung(ry) for Curry!


Cricketer Of The Year
KennyD said:
Are you talking about 2 elephants there? Whoa, I mean, watching a woman and an elephant is disgusting enough, but 2 elephants? Thats just ****ographic!
Kenny mate, stick to your writing... ;)


International Captain
Using the same technique as one of the world's greatest ever authors, Kenny has come up with a great read


State Vice-Captain
yes how the heck do u house-train a bloody elepahant.i need that vid man and also one on how to drive em.now rooming with kenny is ok except for the whole must get up in the middle of the night to have a scream my the window :blink: .and 10 rupees sounds great but damn that curry might not be good.i need the goood curry :D


State Vice-Captain
no no there's curry and then there's *curry* immense difference if u kno wat im saying


International Vice-Captain
17 April

The aftermath of the first 'test' was dealt with in several ways. Most players felt a profound level of dissapointment. Steds ate two dinners the night of the final day. Pops sobbed uncontrollably as he dealt with his issues of bowling and captaining. Don announced that he will be watching videos to work on his faults, however when I got up to our room, Don was watching a national geographic special on Llamas, while the video of the first 'test' lay discarded on my bed.

Watching the first 'test' myself, after Don passed out, I felt that there were some positives, such as Dinu, Dauthy and "Babyhead" Wilson's batting. Big Rob Timewell, a player who never says anything and goes on long absences during the tour, bowled pretty good lines and did a fair job on these dusty Indian pitches.

Anyway, the match is done and dusted, and we all have the future to look forward too. Thats why we're gonna ride some elephants tomorrow. Should be good.


International Vice-Captain
24th April

First entry for a while now, and there is much to report. We were fortunately able to tie the 'test' series with India A after a great win in the 2nd test. Another win against the hapless Kartanaka in an OD and we are currently 1 apiece with India A after 2 OD matches.

However the more interesting news has come from off the field. Now the first I found out about anything at all, was when Sudeep Popat, the snake charming leg spinner from CW Blue, was eating breakfast at the team hotel one morning. At first I thought Sudeep was merely visiting India on holiday and had dropped into the hotel to say 'hi' to the boys. But then he was at nets, participating in training. I felt inclined at this point to step in and say something on the lines of "Listen Sudeep, your a nice guy and all, but really, we dont need you tossing your pies to illustrious members of the CW A side such as myself, Rob Dauth and anybody else from CW Red, so you can p*ss off now!" Consequently I was informed that Mr Popat had actually joined the side in place of Tarique Webber, who had been sent home for dicsiplinary reasons. I apologised to Sudeep, but I dont think he's quite over it. I came to this reckoning after he chose to bowl full pace at me in the nets and overstepped by about 8 yards with every delivery.

The reason for Tarique's dismissal from the team appeared to be because of some kind of altercation with Steds, the charismatic and rather good looking member of CW Red, a team that happens to be brimming with potential male models. Apparently, Tarique made some sort of comment to Steds about his financial situation. This kind of comment is disgraceful, particularly as Steds is going through the hassle of looking for a new caravan, due to him being evicted from his current caravan of residence at the end of the month. Best wishes to Steds on finding a new home and being able to safely transport it to the outside of the CW Red's training facilities, ensuring a short walk from his bed to his profession of choice everyday.