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World of Cricket 2004 first screenshot


Cricket Spectator
here is the first screenshot of my cricket game in progress...world of cricket

it is of the team selection for australia...it isnt completly wat it will be like in the finished product.

well here it is suggestions, comments and questions bout the game are welcomed :D


Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
The names in the line-up aren't too easy to see.

Also, I'd recommend using another font that Arial (IMO a bit boring). Verdana for example? And also, show the averages on the selection screen :)

Anyway, good job, and keep working on the game.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Craig said:
You need your eyes checked as it isnt that hard to see.
I'm just suggesting that he should use a more viewer-friendly colour (and yes, my eyes are poor) - it'd be easier to see it if it was yellow, for example :)


Cricket Spectator
today i did some basic player attirbutes and added them to the database and also incorperated them into team selection form

there are a lot of them so it took a bit of time.

tonight ill do some work on the game engine

Shahid Afridi

School Boy/Girl Captain
GREAT :)...

how much work have you got left mate?? if possible can you post the pakistan squad you chose,, if you havent picked it,, maybe i cud help.


Cricket Spectator
no i havnt done many squads yet

ill probably finish the game with only say 2 squads in it and release it as like a demo

and add in more squads later