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World 15


Hall of Fame Member
Post your World 15

10 Wilkinson(ENG)
11 Thomas(WAL)
12 O'Driscoll(IRL)
13 Howlett(NZL)
14 Rockococo(NZL)
15 Robinson(ENG)





Hall of Fame Member
1. Leanord (Eng)
2. Wood (Ire)
3. Meeuws(NZL)
4. Johnson (Eng)
5. Williams (NZ)
6. G Smith (Aus)
7. P Waugh(Aus)
8. Kefu (Aus)
9. V.D. Westhuizen (RSA)
10. Wilkinson (Eng)
11. Howlett (NZL)
12. De Wet Barry (RSA)
13. Mortlock (Aus)
14. Rockococo (NZL)
15. Muliaina (NZL)

i dunnoo as much about some of those forwards but the backline has a hell of alot of pace and power through the all blacks back 2 and Motlock especially - trying to avoind penalty shootouts and score trys. not worrying as much about lineouts but rucks and mauls with the Aussie combination of Waugh and Smith.


International Regular
1. Tom Smith
2. Keith Wood
3. Phil Vickery
4. Martin Johnson (c)
5. Chris Jack
6. George Smith
7. Richie McCaw
8. Imanol Haridonoquy
9. Justin Marshall
10. Jonny Wilkinson
11. Rupeni Caucau
12. Aaron Mauger
13. Brian O'Driscoll
14. Doug Howlett
15. Mils Muliania

16. Keven Mealamu
17. Greg Somerville
18. Victor Matfield
19. Joe van Neikerk/Richard Hill
20. Brian Redpath
21. Carlos Spencer
22. Jason Robinson


U19 Cricketer
1 - Jason Leonard (England)
2 - Keith Wood (Ireland)
3 - Kees Muews (New Zealand)
4 - Chris Jack (New Zealand)
5 - Victor Matfield (South Africa)
6 - Neil Back (England)
7 - George Smith (Australia)
8 - Imanol Harinordoquy (France)
9 - Fabien Galthie (France)
10 - Carlos Spencer (New Zealand)
11 - Rupeni Caucaubunicaka (Fiji)
12 - De Wet Barry (South Africa)
13 - Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland)
14 - Joe Rococko (New Zealand)
15 - Jason Robinson (England)

16 - Phil Vickery (England)
17 - Keven Mealamu (New Zealand)
18 - Martin Johnson (England)
19 - Juan Smith (South Africa)
20 - Frederic Michalak (France)
21 - Tana Umaga (New Zealand)
22 - Doug Howlett (New Zealand)

just missed out: Jerry Collins (New Zealand), Phil Waugh (Australia), Ali Williams (New Zealand), Cornie Krige (South Africa), Tom Smith (Scotland), Johnny Wilkinson (England), Llestyn Harris (Wales), Ben Cohen (England), Mike Tindall (England)

The reason i put Michalak on the bench in front of Wilkinson, is for Michalak's ability to play both five-eight and scrumhalf - and in any case, Michalak is just as good as footballer as Wilkinson. FM covers both positions, whilst Umaga covers both centre spots, and Howlett covers the back three.


International Vice-Captain
1. Jason Leonard (ENG)
2. Keith Wood (IRL)
3. Kees Meeuws (NZ)
4. Martin Johnson (c) (ENG)
5. Ali Williams (NZ)
6. George Smith (AUS)
7. Richard Hill (ENG)
8. Joe van Niekerk (SA)

9. Fabien Galthie (FRA)
10. Jonny Wilkinson (ENG)

11. Joe Rockococo (NZ)
12. Mike Catt (ENG)
13. Brian O'Driscoll (IRL)
14. Doug Howlett (NZ)
15. Josh Lewsey (ENG) / Mils Muliania (NZ)


16. Steve Thompson (ENG)
17. Kevin Mealamu (NZ)
18. Lawrence Dallaglio (ENG)
19. Imanol Harinordoquy (FRA)
20. Carlos Spencer (NZ) / Frederic Michalak (FRA)
21. Matt Dawson (ENG)
22. Christophe Dominici (FRA)


Cricketer Of The Year
On current form i'd have Michalak over Wilkinson...Michalak is a superb player, he can kick goals & his running game is also very good.

umm Robinson..no way, lol yeah ok he steps a Welsh player but what else has he done in the World Cup?

The wingers of the tournament have been Caucau & daylight really...Rokocoko has been ok, but he's missed a few games through injury & Howlett hasn't really looked at his best in this World Cup.

Centres...well i'd have the French pairing of Marsh & Jauzion to be honest.

Anyway here's who i'd pick from the games i've watched anyway.

1. Jason Leonard (Eng)
2. Keven Mealamu (NZ)
3. Phil Vickery (Eng)
4. Martin Johnson (Eng)
5. Chris Jack (NZ)
6. George Smith (Aus)
7. Richie McCaw (NZ)
8. Imanol Harinordoquy (Fra)
9. Justin Marshall (NZ)
10. Frederic Michalak (Fra)
11. Rupeni Caucau (Fiji)
12. Yannick Jauzion (Fra)
13. Tony Marsh (Fra)
14. Joe Rokocoko (NZ)
15. Mils Muli'aina (NZ)

I agree about the French #8 he's been very good.

Don Ricardo

School Boy/Girl Cricketer
1) Smith
2) Wood
3) Vickery
4) Johnson
5) Jack
7) McCaw
8) Taylor
9) Galthie
10) Wilkinson
11) Rokokoco
12) Mauger
13) O Driscoll
14) Caucau

16) Cannon
17) Meuws
18) Matfield
19) Hill
20) Pichot
21) Mortlock
22) Robinson

ps- why does everyone choose jason leonard?


Hall of Fame Member
My new team

1. B.Cannon(AUS,LHP)(Great strength)
2.K.Wood (IRL,H)(Great hooker retired now)
3.B.Darwin (AUS,THP)(Grusome neck injury)

4.M.Johnson (ENG,LL)(WC winning captain)
5.B.Kay (ENG,RL)(Johnson and Kay)

6.G.Smith (AUS,OSF)(Great Flanker)
7.P.Waugh (AUS,BSF)(Ditto)
8.L.Dallagilo (ENG,No.8)(WC legend)

9.G.Gregan (AUS,SH)(runners up great captain)
10.J.Wilkinson (ENG,FH)(Worlds best kicker)

12.B.O'Driscoll(IRL,IC)(Such speed and kicking ability)
13.S.Mortlock(AUS,OC)(World class great 2nd kicker)

11.J.Rokococo(NZL,LW)(Such speed)
14.J.Robinson(ENG,RW)(What pace)
15.W.Sailor (AUS,FB)(Grat defensively


Lock:F.Pelous(Unlucky to lose out to Kay)
Flanker:N.Back(English flair)
Scrum Half:J.W.W.Haizen(great scrum half but Gregan got him)
Fly Half/Center:F.Michalack(So many great Wilkos)
Back3:M.Muliana(Would have beaten Sailor if not for that semi)

My description

Front Row:Steady but explosive
2nd Row:Will destroy any team
SH-OC:Amazing kicking ability through out
Back3:Speed down the wings and Robinson and Sailor can both defend


International Captain
1. other prop, name forgotten (Eng)
2. Wood (Ire)
3. Vickery (Eng)
4. Johnson (Eng)
5. Jack (NZ)
6. Smith (Aus)
7. McCaw (NZ)
8. Dallagilo (Eng)
9. Marshall (NZ)
10. Wilkinson (Eng)
11. Caucaunibuca (Fij)
12. Mauger (NZ)
13. O'Driscoll (Ire)
14. Robinson (Eng)
15. Muliaina (NZ)

no Howlett or Rokococo because they are both overrated losers.

Also why do so many of you have players playing out of position?


Hall of Fame Member
Would anyone be intested in a Rugby PBEM it would start off with a draft and then using software i built we could have a league any takers?