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winning match after following on


You'll Never Walk Alone
Graham said:
In my 'England under GrahamB' game, the only current Aussie left in the 2015 test side is 39 yr old Jason Gillespie and Aussie are firmly at the bottom of the test rankings!
Haha wow! I`m up to 2011 and still on top for both, but ridiculously close to falling dramatically... so I`ve stopped playing. :D


You'll Never Walk Alone
Since these are so popular... :p

Just your regular warm-up game... OR IS IT? :-O

A reasonably standard team of: Gilchrist, Hayden, Ponting, Waugh M, Waugh S, Bevan, Harvey, Warne, Lee, MacGill, McGrath

Northamptonshire v Australia
One Day Friendly - 7 Jun 2001
1st Innings - Australia 173 AO off 45 overs (Waugh S 54, Waugh M 35) (Weekes 3/45, Swann 3/30)

A rather poor show. The top and late order failed miserably, though admittedly on a bowling pitch. The Waugh brothers fought well, and Steve had a great 35-run partnership with Lee (who scored nine). We needed an impressive bowling effort, it shouldn`t be beyond us.

2nd Innings - Northamptonshire 172 AO off 47.2 overs (Rollins 66, Sales 51, Cassar 35) (MacGill 4/34, Harvey 3/25)

WHOA! An incredible turn around! Norts got off to a flyer and were 1/ 86. But McGrath, Warne and MacGill turned things their way as Norts became 2/86, 3/86, 4/89, 5/89, 6/99 and 7/101! But opener Rollins and Cassar changed things AGAIN. They brought the score to 7/157, needing only 16 runs for victory, with plenty of time. But Harvey struck back, after going wicketless in his first-spell. He got Rollins caught in slips for 66. 8/157. But again, the match swung away, as Cassar and Weekes gradually built up the runs. They were 8/172 after 47 overs and had seemingly won. Harvey it was to bowl the third last over.
47.1 Harvey to Cassar: PLUMB! The ball nips back off the seam and Cassar is caught on the crease, LBW!
That brought Cousins to the crease, who is certainly no bunny. Norts needed one to draw and two to win... Australia needed one wicket. The crowd grew wrestless. Steve and Ian took their time to set the field. Harvey charged in...
47.2 Harvey to Cousins: BOWLED `IM! That`s gone right through him!! The last one went into the right hander, this one went away! Pitched on middle stump, came back and hit off! What a victory!
It may have only been a warm-up game, but I sure felt the pressure.

MOTM - Stuart MacGill
Australia win by one run.


Cricketer Of The Year

I have had so many games where I've been behind like 200 runs after the first innings, and come back to win it.


Cricketer Of The Year
Nnanden said:
Now for an interesting one...

Zimbabwe certainly had a competitive outfit, but the Australian team were expected to win the opener comfortably.

Zimbabwe v Australia
1st Test Match - 7 Mar 2008
1st Innings - Australia 91 AO off 33.3 overs (Batting smells) (Streak 5/16, Brent 4/27)

Simply - we were rolled! Not our lowest socre ever, but damn close. Poor showing by everyone, except MAYBE Martyn (25) and Hussey (26) who were both bowled by Gary-specials. We could only hope to dominate as much they did with the ball.

2nd Innings - Zimbabwe 224 AO off 69.1 overs (Goodwin 68, Davies 54) (Lee 4/44, Gillespie 3/75)

A good effort, nothing more. Considering the situation, that was only good. Lee bowled amazingly and Gillespie did well also. Anderson also chipped in with two, but Inness went wicketless. Time to bat...

3rd Innings - Australia 429 AO off 166.1 overs (Hussey 218, Martyn 85) (Olonga 3/113)

A very good, if not deathly boring effort. :D Making runs proved difficult, but the two who stood up in the first innings, did even better this time. Australia were 4/64, but a 196-run partnership changed the match. Hussey proved his worth with a double-ton before being run-out and was supported very well by Martyn. Now to win the game?

4th Innings - Zimbabwe 291 AO off 80.3 overs (Townshend 87, Davies 83) (Gillespie 5/98, Inness 3/51)

It was close! It looked like Townshend and Davies were taking the match away with a 160-run stand for the fifth wicket. But Gillespie claimed Townshend and the number eleven, and Anderson got Davies and the number nine. The last three wickets fell for one run, and the last five fell for twenty runs! Australia come off with an awesome win!

MOTM - Michael Hussey
Australia win by five runs.
Fantastic match, great effort from that Zimbabwean side but also a brilliant comeback from the Aussies. Superb batting from Hussey, 218 and 26 really was the difference between a victory and an embarrassing loss.


Cricketer Of The Year
Graham said:
In my 'England under GrahamB' game, the only current Aussie left in the 2015 test side is 39 yr old Jason Gillespie and Aussie are firmly at the bottom of the test rankings!
By 2020 the Australians were bottom in the rankings with my New Zealand side and they've stayed fighting for the lower places for over ten years now...interesting to see you've found the same occurance.


International Vice-Captain
Just played a match with the WIndies in 2007... seemingly out of it after having been dismissed for 194 in reply to the Aussie score of 399, the team tactic was just to bat time. Eventually dismissed for 495 (in 248 overs!), there were just over 2 sessions left for Australia to get 291 to win. Australia started off aggressively, but lost wickets at regular intervals... eventually it came down to 110/9, with only Gilchrist of the recognised batsmen left. Although Tait put up a good fight, with 3 overs left in the day he was dismissed, West Indies win after following on by 159 runs.



State Vice-Captain
congrats, out of memory after i have been forced to follow on, ive saved like two or three matches, in total