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winning match after following on


U19 12th Man
Well, I didn't win this match as time was running out but I think this is definitely my highest score after being forced to follow on. Has anyone won a game in this situation?



Cricketer Of The Year
Never happened with me, my team is always so far behind when we follow on that a draw is our only goal...nice fight back there from your Northamptonshire side though.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Only twice, with Australia. Had a fabulous win when we avoided the follow-on by 20-odd runs.


U19 Debutant
Well, I always get a kick out of winning when the other team declares at some stage. Unfortunately it's easy when they set you 200 in a session because you can just slog with no fear.


Cricketer Of The Year
Blaze said:
TBH kof98 that is nothing special IMO
Well TBH, I don't think he's saying it's anything special, just asking what people have achieved after following on and providing something interesting...


Somerset said:
Well TBH, I don't think he's saying it's anything special, just asking what people have achieved after following on and providing something interesting...



Hall of Fame Member
most of the time i have a huge 1st innings lead, but a few times i have done it, a few times i have bowled first and they have made a really slow 400 odd or something, i will go all out and try and make 100 or 150 really quick than bowl them out again and win from there


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
some times if you avoid the follow on and you are trail by hundred and the last day comes and cpu go aggressive and the declares at like a lead of 235 or 224 around there and if you go aggressive you some times win the game try first 4 batsen on aggressive if they score quick you some times win and cpu usually gives about 35 to 40 odd overs thats why if u choose to bowl first its some times good


Hall of Fame Member
tassietiger said:
If they get 400, and you get 100 or 150, wouldn't you follow on instead of being able to bowl them out again?

good point, n ot sure what i was thinking there, declaring after just avoinding the follow on must have been what i was talking about


You'll Never Walk Alone
I`ve chosen this thread for some pretty memorable victories.

Australia v England
3rd Test Match - 11 Dec 2006
1st Innings - England 402 AO off 124 overs (Thorpe 76, Crawley 71, Bulbeck 63, Mohammed 51) (Gillespie 4/104, Lee 3/111)

We didn`t perform anywhere near as highly as I`d hoped. So many of them made double figures, there were no cheap wickets. My bowling attack of Gillespie, Lee, Fleming (recalled) and Anderson (left-arm spinner) was rather dry. Not only didn`t we take wickets quickly, we were expensive. We needed an awesome batting display.

2nd Innings - Australia 207 AO off 103.5 overs (Symonds 50) (Dean 5/56, Giles 4/52)

Crap. With a twist. We scrambled our way through the innings. The only pluses were Symonds vital knock and the amazing last-wicket stand. Lee and Anderson (who averages six) put on 53! Lee made 21 and Anderson 29! So we JUST avoided the follow-on. We needed to get `em out cheaply.

3rd Innings - England 281 AO off 97.2 overs (Thorpe 129, Ramprakash 59) (Fleming 5/76)

After being 4/44, 5/118 and 8/159 things looked pretty good. But then Thorpe and Cork put on 97. That left us chasing well... a draw.

4th Innings - Australia 480/4 off 124.2 overs (Symonds 155*, Ponting 127, Hussey 78*, Hayden 58) (Bowlers smell)

Whoot! Symonds shone brightly with an unbeaten 155 and was aptly guided by his team-mates. The England bowlers took some huge punishment, the main culprits being Dean (1/162 off 35) and Giles (0/151 off 41.2) who ironically, where the 1st innings heroes. Bloody brilliant victory, in which pretty much everyone contributed, starting with the Lee/Anderson partnership. Perhaps my best ever win as a coach.

MOTM - Andrew Symonds
Australia win by 6 wickets
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Cricketer Of The Year
Great win Nnanden, after seemingly having no chance chasing 480.

Squiz - I'm fairly certain it'll be Mike.


U19 Debutant
So I take it he wasnt opening? That's why I thought it might have been David, but seeing u didnt choose Warney...


You'll Never Walk Alone
Well I would`ve... but it was 2006! Hence no McGrath, or Waugh brothers either! :D

Ponting (c)
Gilchrist (wk)
Lee (2)
Gillespie (1)


You'll Never Walk Alone
Now for an interesting one...

Zimbabwe certainly had a competitive outfit, but the Australian team were expected to win the opener comfortably.

Zimbabwe v Australia
1st Test Match - 7 Mar 2008
1st Innings - Australia 91 AO off 33.3 overs (Batting smells) (Streak 5/16, Brent 4/27)

Simply - we were rolled! Not our lowest socre ever, but damn close. Poor showing by everyone, except MAYBE Martyn (25) and Hussey (26) who were both bowled by Gary-specials. We could only hope to dominate as much they did with the ball.

2nd Innings - Zimbabwe 224 AO off 69.1 overs (Goodwin 68, Davies 54) (Lee 4/44, Gillespie 3/75)

A good effort, nothing more. Considering the situation, that was only good. Lee bowled amazingly and Gillespie did well also. Anderson also chipped in with two, but Inness went wicketless. Time to bat...

3rd Innings - Australia 429 AO off 166.1 overs (Hussey 218, Martyn 85) (Olonga 3/113)

A very good, if not deathly boring effort. :D Making runs proved difficult, but the two who stood up in the first innings, did even better this time. Australia were 4/64, but a 196-run partnership changed the match. Hussey proved his worth with a double-ton before being run-out and was supported very well by Martyn. Now to win the game?

4th Innings - Zimbabwe 291 AO off 80.3 overs (Townshend 87, Davies 83) (Gillespie 5/98, Inness 3/51)

It was close! It looked like Townshend and Davies were taking the match away with a 160-run stand for the fifth wicket. But Gillespie claimed Townshend and the number eleven, and Anderson got Davies and the number nine. The last three wickets fell for one run, and the last five fell for twenty runs! Australia come off with an awesome win!

MOTM - Michael Hussey
Australia win by five runs.


3rd Umpire
In my 'England under GrahamB' game, the only current Aussie left in the 2015 test side is 39 yr old Jason Gillespie and Aussie are firmly at the bottom of the test rankings!