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Wicket partnership records - retired hurt


International Regular
edit: only read the first 2 responses, see that Starfighter has already covered it. Fun fact: Starfighter is always right, if you're arguing with him, you're almost certainly wrong by default.
Can I report Starfighter for clearly having a double login? ?

I'd say no one has really been proven right or wrong in this case. Partnerships can either be between 2 batsmen or for a wicket and it would seem that even the most illustrious scorers in history never fully made their mind up on how to record it.

Having been a part of this thread from the start, and having done a fair bit of scoring in my time too, I've come to the conclusion that records should only be between 2 batsmen, but the recording of a wicket should include the runs scored by all batsmen involved (after all, no wicket had previously fallen).