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What the neighbour has to say


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Well when I broke my neigbours window they were cool with it they just made the glass man send the bill to me. But when I was at my cousins it was a different story I got told to **** off.


Cricket Spectator
You shouldn't live so close together :P

If you have to play so close you should always make it so that you either hit it away from the houses or your out


Cricket Spectator
if the neighbour gets angry tell his or her boyfriend/girlfriend and husband or wife that they're having an affair with the lady down the road and he/she will be to busy moving out to worry about the cricket game on the road


School Boy/Girl Captain
once my mate barney jumped my back fence to get a ball, and our neighbours went rank at him!

The neighbour

Cricket Spectator
Well our neighbours have this thoing where other children apart from therir own are not alowed upstairs or on their second story deck. They have security sensers so if we play and our ball goes up there the security sensers might pick us up and if they are not home the alarm will go off but if they are you have to ask one of their kids and their kids are really wierd and shy they will run if a car or person comes down the driveway and they hide.... stuypid ha... :undecided:


Cricket Spectator
We play on the road so that the ball dont go over the fence. BUT, i hit a 6 and it went straight over the neighbours 2 story house and over their back fence through the window of the ppl behind them and those ppl blamed our neighbours, it was great. ;)


International Debutant
My neighbours act all friendly, and then I say sorry, they always reply "I know youre not" in a really sincere way, then I feel a bit stink.grrr.. hypocrits!


Hall of Fame Member
my neighbour was bugging me one day when like 5 balls had gone over the fence so i told him to move his house!!


Cricket Web XI Moderator
lol funny especially age masters remark lol

well i keep hitting my ball into my front neigbours yard and they keep chucking the balls back after they reliazed what to do after we moved in started hitting the balls there :P:D

the neighbour beside my house steals my balls :-( i so dont like that all the time , ive lost soo many
:(! :(! :(! :(!


Cricket Spectator
our neighbour just says bugger off and steals every ball that goes over the fence, then on the other side we hav neighbours who r chix and they h8 my sis so they steal the balls as well....... we r running out :@


Hall of Fame Member
when we hit it over and the neighbour is in the backyard he will try to field it then continue to pretend to wicket keep the balls i miss that hit the fence, wierd aye


International Debutant
Our neighbours just throw it back to us when they are in the backyard. When we have to go and knock at their door, they give us our ball back and usually a box of chocolates! :D :D :D But they are in their backyard most of the time! :(