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What happens if a player belonging to a team that does not qualify is in my team?


Cricket Spectator
Dear all,

Just wanted a clarification on the above mentioned. If a player belonging to a team that doesnt qualify for the Super 8/Semi Finals/Final, do I get an extra transfer just like I would if that player were injured?

Replies awaited.

Thanks & regards,


Cricket Spectator
Thats a bit unfair

I think it would be a bit unfair.

If an individual player like Brian Lara or Mahela Jayawardne does well in the league matches and Super 8 while lets say Windies or Srilanka do not qualify for the semis, then the player is being ruled out because of circumstances beyond his control.

The FAQs mention that "If a player is ruled out of a series due to injury or other unexpected circumstances then you will receive an extra transfer onto top of your competition allocation to enable you to exchange the injured player. This rule is the same for captains as it is for any member of your team."

Unexpected circumstances are left vague for interpretation and to me these circumstances also include a team's disqualifications, especially if it's a favorite to progress.

Besides, there was also a lack of clarity on how the modifications worked. Initially a lot of people (including me) thought that one modification enabled us to make multiple transfers and it would still be treated as 1 modification.

That was not the case and it should've been clearly mentioned.

Now this!


Eyes not spreadsheets
I'd have said that in a competition which is a knock out then a team being knocked out is not actually an unexpected circumstance to be honest.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It's just something you have to take into account for mine; that's why I don't select any minnow players, because I know they (generally) won't be playing very many games.

mr clean

Cricket Spectator
the system is pretty straight-forward. how much clearer do you need it?
one modification = one change to your team
if you change four players, that is four modifications used.
hardly rocket science :wacko:

as for wanting more if a team gets knocked out...
that's all part of the skill involved - using your changes carefully and planning ahead