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West Indies Captaincy


State Vice-Captain
who do yall think should be selected as the new captain ganga or sarwan. 3....2......3/4........1 discuss


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Sarwan, if Ganga could make the first choice ODI team then it would be him.


State Vice-Captain
ganga shudve been in the wc sqaud. he was one of the better batsmen recently. and he has more captaincy experience than sarwan

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Ganga should be in the ODI side ahead of the likes of Simmons, but I think everyone else there deserved their place. Yes, even Pollard. Though I don't see the point of Pollard not playing against Bangladesh and England. Also don't see why they would play him against South Africa.


Y no Afghanistan flag
I think Sarwan for sure. What's Ganga averaging these days? Is he up to 30 yet? Very lucky to be even in the side IMO.


State Vice-Captain
im going to quote myself cuz i realy dont wanna type all this again

Sarwan may be one of the best batsmen in the current west indies team but that doesnt automatically qualify him for captaincy. what we in the west indies must stop doing immediately is picking the best batsman or bowler to be captain. because you are good at a certain discipline doesnt mean u will automatically make a good captain. Looking at Darren Ganga’s performances lately for the west indies he has done very well and justifies his selection. As a captain he is superb he has taken a Trinidad and Tobago side with talent but not as much talent as the other regional teams and marshalled them to victory on numerous occasions. he shows a vast tactical knowledge of the game and shows he knows how to lead a team correctly. he is currently the best regional captain and is currently the best candidate for west indies captaincy from a standpoint of captaincy only. if we are looking for an excellent captain we should look no further than darren ganga.


International Regular
Sarwan without a doubt.

He was an outstanding captain of the Guyana Under 19's.

He captained the Guyana team to the Stanford 20-20 title.

He captained Windies to their most impressive win against Australia in the Champions Trophy, setting aggressive fields that Lara definitely wouldnt have set.

Ganga would make an excellent Vice captain IMO. He and Sarwan would make a very good combination. They get on very well and have good cricket brains.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I think Sarwan for sure. What's Ganga averaging these days? Is he up to 30 yet? Very lucky to be even in the side IMO.
Ganga has performed excellently since his latest return to the side.

I'd like to see him captain the West Indies at test level really. I cringe every time someone suggests that ODI performances should effect test captaincy appointments.


International Coach
I dont know much about the tactical skills of either Sarwan or Ganga, but Sarwan hasnt really been setting the world alight in test match cricket with his batting, well ever, and was dropped as recently as 2 tests ago.
If hes going to be captain, thats quite a bit of a risk to take.