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Was the format wrong?


State Vice-Captain
I think in Twenty20 you could possibly stretch to two groups of 5/6 before the semis and final. But that would then complicate the earlier stage.
If it could stretch to two groups of 5/6 it would generate more money for the host country. More fans coming, more gate money. As 20/20 can handle 3 games a day it shouldn't lengthen the tournament by too much longer. Even going with just the top 8 teams, playing 3 games a day, all playing each other at least once should be possible.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well it depends with the money, it would sort of assure you'd get the top 8 through to the next stage, but you'd get more dead games and more games involving teams like Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe etc. which wouldn't be as attractive as other games obviously.

For the first stage:

If you had 10 teams make it through you'd have to have 5 groups of 3+

If you had 12 teams make it through you'd have to have 4 groups of 4+ or 3 groups of 5+