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Warnes 700th wicket - Who?

Who will be Shane Warne's 700th Test victim?

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ash chaulk

International Captain
Cook... Stumped..... will be hearing in 10 years time about the time Cook was Shane Warnes 700th wicket,

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I would have said Trescothick if he was playing, would have been fitting as he was Warne's 600th.

I'll go with flintoff for 99.


International Captain
Hopefully one of his bunnies... Andrew Strauss. Don't expect Strauss to get though the first 10 overs though.


Hall of Fame Member
I think i went Flintoff in the other thread, Bell would be my guess at the moment, i reakon he will bowl early to try and get the pressure of 700 out of the way.

The Baconator

International Vice-Captain
PhoenixFire said:
Why was there no fuss about Warne reaching his 600th test wickets, but all this over his 700th?
Can remember a similar thread last year actually. Can't be arsed to find it though.


State 12th Man
hoggard bowled for 0
the only wicket hell get in englands 1st innings
but he will probably clean up in the second