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Warnes 700th wicket - When?


Cricketer Of The Year
When does everyone think it will happen? he currently on 694. i reckon he'll take 2 wickets this first innings and 4 in the second. 700th wicket brought up at the WACA during englands second innings in the afternoon session of day 4. At 5.18 pm (Perth time). i jokeing bout the time but the rest i serious about. :ph34r:
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International Debutant
My moneys on Pietersen in Englands 2nd Innings :) Script is made for it! (after he's made a hundred of course :D ).


Cricketer Of The Year
Oh yeah forgot to say who lol....the script is made for pieterson but i reckon it'll bejones/giles down the order. pieterson will be 699


Hall of Fame Member
silentstriker said:
Not in the first innings though, right?
Warne only needs a bit of turn, but yes Heal and Hogg have got more turn in the 2nd Innings. Its started to turn on the 3rd day in Pura Cup matches, from what i noticed though, so he could be bowling on the 3rd Day.


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nightprowler10 said:
Monty's turning it a bit already isn't he?
He got langer with a pearler, symonds brought his own downfall and gilchrist...well hes just little out of touch at moment. but full credit to monty he bowling well, good comback to symonds after getting belted for 17 in one over. looking forward to warnie, possible he could get 6 if monty doing this well.


International Captain
Warne will never get his 700th wicket, infact he will never pick another wicket ever and retire on 694.