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Warm-ups Thread


U19 Debutant
This is Topley, he's actually picked up wickets with a couple of fairly average deliveries - the first would've been a wide if he'd left it. But he is a wicket taker and I think he's probably first choice new ball with Woakes.

Looks like Wood is on the field so may well bowl later.

I've got it on mute, I turned the sound up, heard DK and quickly turned it down again.
I watch all sport on mute nowadays for this reason.

Socerer 01

International Vice-Captain
Pak would've been better off with a washout than going into WC with super low confidence. Realistically it's their full strength side, only one player is missing -Naseem - you can't say they rely on a 20 year old so much that an entire team falls apart.
he is their best odi bowler so they should be affected to an extent but this is more worrying than that

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
You should re post as World cup 2023 warm up

Yesterday Aus helped level best to pakistan but Pak beaten by 14 runs, sorry they scored 335 plus twice but not win koz so far their Spin Department not improves. While Rauf toothless after injury.

✍Warner / Smith & Labuschagne Conceded 159 runs with their bowling 😇