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Upper Body v Masters XI - Commentary


International Debutant
Awesome double strike from Patrick there. Jack bowling beautifully as well.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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An interesting choice here. Gonzalez is back...
15.1 Gonzalez to Benkenstein, 2 runs, He unpacked the paddle sweep for 2 runs.
15.2 Gonzalez to Benkenstein, 0 runs, Fired into the blockhold and he could only dig it out to the bowler.
15.3 Gonzalez to Benkenstein, BEATEN!, This is getting frustrating for Benkenstein. Again he can't get the ball away, beaten outside offstump.
15.4 Gonzalez to Benkenstein, 1 run, Full and straight and again he digs it out. It beats the bowler though, and they scamble a run. This is excellent from Gonzalez.
15.5 Gonzalez to Odoyo, FOUR, What pressure? Odoyo starts with a bang. He smashed that square on the offside and it whistled to the fence.
15.6 Gonzalez to Odoyo, 1 run, A firm push for a single to end the over with the strike.

End of over 16 (8 runs) - Masters XI 145/6 [27 needed from 24 balls]
DM Benkenstein 21* (23b) JP Gonzalez 2-0-12-0
TM Odoyo 5* (2b)

In the search for wickets, here's Maina...
16.1 Maina to Odoyo, 2 runs, Lovely cover drive but he won't get a boundary. Kept to 2 runs.
16.2 Maina to Odoyo, 2 runs, Another one and again Williams runs around to cut it off.
16.3 Maina to Odoyo, SIX, Big shot! He easily cleared midwicket with that one.
16.4 Maina to Odoyo, 0 runs, Good yorker and he dug it out.
16.5 Maina to Odoyo, FOUR, He tried for the yorker again, but it slipped down the legside and tickled fine for a big boundary.
16.6 Maina to Odoyo, 1 run, Good firm drive for a single.

End of over 17 (15 runs) - Masters XI 160/6 [12 needed from 18 balls]
DM Benkenstein 21* (23b) AEK Maina 3-0-39-0
TM Odoyo 20* (8b)

That was a poor over by Maina. But here's McNamara with the last throw of the dice for Upper Body...
17.1 McNamara to Odoyo, 2 runs, And he's away with a clever flick past short fine leg for 2 runs.
17.2 McNamara to Odoyo, WIDE, He tried to do it again, but it beats him and the legstump.
17.2 McNamara to Odoyo, 0 runs, Left alone as it turns outside offstump. Interesting tactic!
17.3 McNamara to Odoyo, BEATEN!, He went for the cut shot and it bounced over his flashing blade.
17.4 McNamara to Odoyo, BEATEN!, Odoyo trying to do it all here! He missed a big slog sweep attempt and Fitzsimmons flashes a wry smile.
17.5 McNamara to Odoyo, 0 runs, Defended this time. That's the end of an excellent spell from Jack McNamara. Will it prove a match-winning one? We wait to see.
17.6 McNamara to Odoyo, GONE!, He's got another one! This is coming undone quickly for the Masters. That was a clever arm ball by McNamara and Odoyo was caught on the back foot.

TM Odoyo lbw b McNamara 22 (14)
Partnership 26 (DM Benkenstein 3, TM Odoyo 22)
Upper Body 163/7 (17.6 overs)

End of over 18 (3 runs) - Masters XI 163/7 [9 needed from 12 balls]
DM Benkenstein 21* (23b) JP McNamara 4-0-18-2
SK Warne 2* (5)

The new man is the vice-captain. But first, here's Maina again. Patrick doesn't have much choice with his bowling options at this stage. The field is in. Only 2 men outside the circle - deep midwicket and long-on.
18.1 Maina to Benkenstein, FOUR legbyes, That slipped onto the pads and Benkenstein tried to flick it. It just beat the diving Fitzsimmons and goes away for four. The bowler has his head in his hands. That is not the start his captain needed.
18.2 Maina to Benkenstein, BEATEN!, Great comeback. A legcutter that had Benkenstein beaten all ends up.
18.3 Maina to Benkenstein, 0 runs, Pitched up and driven, but brilliantly fielded by Murphy at mid-off.
18.4 Maina to Benkenstein, BEATEN!, The game is getting a bit tighter now. Lovely ball.
18.5 Maina to Benkenstein, 1 legbye, On the pads again and they get another legbye.
18.6 Maina to Warne, 2 runs, He shuffled across his stumps and turned that fine. Good running for 2 runs. The equation is a lot more comfortable now.
The end of a very poor spell and now Masters XI are well and truly on the verge.

End of over 19 (7 runs) - Masters XI 170/7 [2 needed from 6 balls]
DM Benkenstein 21* (28b) AEK Maina 4-0-41-0
SK Warne 2* (1)

Upper Body need a miracle. Here's Camps...
19.1 Camps to Benkenstein, FOUR, It's all over! There is no miraculous comeback. Camps missed the yorker and Benkenstein smacked the ball back past him for a boundary to win it. Masters XI have risen from the dead in this competition, and now they're into the final.

End of Match (4 runs) - Masters XI 174/7
DM Benkenstein 25* (29b) LA Camps 3.1-0-39-1
SK Warne 2* (1)


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
I can't believe I only thought of this now but what was the decision behind allowing the Masters to make the finals of this when they're 'not included' in List A and FC Dev League points/final things?

Was just curious, is all.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I can't believe I only thought of this now but what was the decision behind allowing the Masters to make the finals of this when they're 'not included' in List A and FC Dev League points/final things?

Was just curious, is all.
Mostly because it's a much shorter league. And, some would say, it's not real cricket either. :mellow: