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*Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread


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Yeah Katey Martin and Frankie Mackay are the best of a bad bunch.

McMillian is predictable and not really insightful at all for someone who coached, a poor man's Scott Styris.

Did quite enjoy Fleming last year & McCullum the year prior, but the Comm box badly needs Jeets Patel if he wasn't coaching.


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Incidentally I don't know why modern sports commentary requires one panel member to wear a cheese cutter at all times, but it's their call.

I guess we have to live with the fact that we don't always get the best XI in our cricket sides, and we definitely don't get the best calling teams for reasons of gender equality, status quo, inner sanctum etc. Not sure what is unique about the style of the commentary team or why the White Ferns is a 'perfect opening' to a bumper season, but there you go.
I think Shane Warne started the cheese cutter revival (maybe inspired by Peeky Blinders?) and McMillan started doing the same not long after.

I'm guessing Ian Smith wasn't asked either. I enjoyed his commentary in the WC and in the Australia v SA tests last season, having grown a bit tired of him at Sky.



Think he's done his time.
He was a victim of being a vulnerable older player of middling success without public sympathy.

In fact never mind Amir, I'm pretty sure even Salman Butt even got back out there for domestic games.

Realistically Lou Vincent coaching some kids (or watching his own play) or going to watch the game is harmless.


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The Hutt Rec

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Andrew Voerman is probably the cricket journalist NZ has produced in terms of digging into the stats. The comments section on that piece is surprisingly good too.
I was impressed by him even breaking his average down into Hagley and the Basin vs rest of the planet. Pretty terrible numbers for Nicholls.


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I was impressed by him even breaking his average down into Hagley and the Basin vs rest of the planet. Pretty terrible numbers for Nicholls.
Yeah, as he says, if Nicholls played all his games at Hagley and the Basin he might be an ATG. Comparison with the averages of Fulton, Rutherford, Raval & Young in the 10 or so innings before they got axed is also interesting.

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