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Trescothick out of Ashes


Slow Love™ said:
Completely, completely agree. I read Boyc's article last night and my eyes started rolling immediately.
I read it on the toilet and I was in pain, but I'm not sure if it was from the article.


Norwood's on Fire
silentstriker said:
Don't mind me, I'm probably just overcompensating for some other shortcomings. :laugh:

In seriousness, maybe its overboard accusing him from being a tool and I truly do feel sympathy for someone with a legitimate problem. But I just don't like his constant in and out of the team.

But, I make no apologies re: Brett Lee. It's the ASHES man!
Fair enough. We'll agree to disagree, I certainly respect your posts and enjoy reading them, but you do have some crazy views sometimes! :D

Poker Boy

State Vice-Captain
About Boycott's article...I'm a fan of GB but I don't always agree with him and he's wrong this time. He blames it on too much cricket(wrongly IMO) but he would have the England squad playing more county cricket which would increase the workload. And don't tell me Gilchrist is moaning about the schedule again...and isn't funny that a lot of his team-mates use their off-season break to play cc...and as someone wrote in the Wisden Cricketer earlier this year the average Aussie doesn't get a 5 month break.


You'll Never Walk Alone
People shouldn`t trivialise depression. I hate it when people say "I feel so depressed" in front of people they know have/suspect of having depression. It`s an illness, and mis-comparisons are downright stupid. I sometimes find it hard to relate to the decisions and actions of clinically depressed people, but I don`t understand what they feel.


International Coach
Woodster said:
Yes, they had decent FC records, exactly what I was saying, they didnt stand out. They have since improved as players in the Test set up. .
Their records stood out when you compared them to anyone elses in FC cricket.Owais Shah for example has been the best player in the domestic circuit for the last 5 years. Rob Key broke a few records in the 2004 season. The fact is that the only players with better records in county cricket are hick, ramprakash and crawley and none of them have a future with England.

Woodster said:
When you say NO Jones wasn't picked from relative obscurity, are you referring to the 2001 season where he took 17 wickets at 52.17 ???? Or when he took 34 wickets by the end of the season in 2002 (His debut was in July!) at an average of 27.91. (10 wicks in 2000 at 37.40!) If these are extremely good stats at the time, I am one thankful England supporter that you have nothing to do with selection!!

We are obviously not going to agree, I agree that some of the candidates had decent FC records, but my point (again) is they were not exactly breaking the door down and setting the Championship alight! Thinks thats fair.
Who is though? That is my point. When you have to choose amongst mediocrity you choose the best of the pack, regardless of whether their records are earth shattering or not. With regards to Jones i think he was picked too early anyways, but yes Jones is one case where they picked him based on seeing him bowl rather than his record. I think almost everyone who saw him bowl at the time was highly impressed not surprisingly, however i think at the time when he was picked along with Harmison, they were both picked because they could bowl at 90 mph rather than for their other attributes. Certainly when you look at Fletchers selections since then(Mahmood and Plunkett), its fairly obvious that he picks them on speed and height rather than variety and accuracy.


Global Moderator
Rajeev said:
It's part of the deal, mental stress

He is weak and shouldn't be part of the game
In one way, that's actually hilarious.

But in every other way, it's really just sad and an indictment on you.