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Things That Have Annoyed You In The Games


International Debutant
Samuel_Vimes said:
Fair enough, I suppose - that it is fun to play. But to me, it's a bit like preferring ODI to Test cricket because you only have time to play 20 over cricket normally. Attacking is very easy, due to the fact that there is only two players on each side, so the defenders can't catch it easy enough and plays become extremely short (hardly ever is the ball more than twice on each side). Beach volleyball is invaded by players who aren't really good enough to play court volleyball (case in point: Norway have two reasonably good sides in beach - and are hardly in the top hundred in the world in court - also, the fastest services in beach are around 105 kph, court volleyball reaches 115 without any wind to help).

I can agree that it must be much more fun to play, though :)
Yep, the standard of play in volleyball is much higher and the plays tend to be longer. Like you, most people tend to really enjoy the beach version though :)


age_master said:

Horan made a nuisance of himself at last year's British Formula One Grand Prix by running onto the track at Silverstone and also attempted to disrupt this year's London Marathon."

A shame the goonsack didnt get run over...


U19 12th Man
marc71178 said:
He showed true Olympic spirit IMO (unlike some people prior to the Games, and actually at the games...)

However, the reports I've read suggest that he was being rapidly caught by the Italian and was unlikely to take Gold anyway!

Your probably right...I watched it and the Italian and American were closing fairly quickly.

That said, it probably cost him at least 20 seconds, broke his rythym, shook his confidence and was just a physical strain he didn't need when his body was already pushed to it's limit.

As things were going, the chase probably would have caught him ~2 KM from the finish line, rather than ~5Km out...it's a lot easier to convince yourself to push yourself harder when the line is in sight, so he probably could have upped his own pace a bit and gotten even closer..

I suspect the Italian would have got him anyway, but he may well have held on for silver ( the American was struggling at the end ). The point however is that we'll never know, which is the greatest shame of the whole thing.


International Debutant
Yes, rythm is incredibly important in the marathon. The fact that he held on for bronze was some consolation though.


Call me a cynic, but thats the kind of stuff that sums up the games for me..

The crowning glory of the greatest sporting event of all time, the mens marathon, at Athens, home of the olympic spirit... And some Irish pr**k assaults the leader near the finish.....