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The other Steve Smith question - Who would you try and get him out ?


International Captain
Just before he goes out to bat, sneak in and wrap his bat grip in coloured tape, forcing him to anxiously try and remove it before being timed out.


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im sure teams have already compiled this (then again, international teams can be really dumb) but it would be interesting to see a dismissals compilation, especially of when he's out early.
I wouldn't be surprised if Smith remembers the exact details of every single one, the bowler, mode of dismissal etc. like McGrath did with his victims.


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One area of potential weakness is that his average against spin when the ball is turning away from him isn't all that special, which probably shows why Sri Lanka, South Africa and Bangladesh have had more luck against him than other teams.

Beyond that you either need a minefield or hope to get him out before his eye is 100% in. Otherwise.....

Red Hill

The artist formerly known as Monk
I play local club third grade now. Dinky, accurate medium pacers at about 55m/h, with a bit of wobbly out or inswing. Think of Chris Harris, but not as good.

I'm thinking my plan would just be wait for him to declare.


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You made that joke twice burgey. Giving you an official warning for repetitive posting.


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The post in this thread was for those from the lesser nations who haven't got the appropriate post count yet and therefore aren't allowed into the Ashes subbie. The whole world deserves to have my insights inflicted upon it, not just the unlucky chosen few.


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But in seriousness, it's got to be the dry line outside off and just accept that because he's Aspy AF it will take longer to bore him out than others. And because his movement across is so pronounced, that dry line to him is about 1.5-2 stumps wider than it is to other players.

The unfortunate thing with doing this is you'll end up with the Viv Richards conundrum Australia had in WSC - he was the best leg side player in the world, so they consciously bowled wider of off stump to him to stop him scoring through leg, and through them doing that he became the best off side player in the world too. Which is probably what will happen with Smith, but you'll at leas slow him down some in the interim.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Two outswingers then an inswinger. It's like choosing rock in rock, paper, scissors. Nothing beats that.


International 12th Man
There was an over Stokes bowled to Smith, just before lunch I think, where Stokes had Smith in trouble about playing to leg or to the off and in the end got an edge down to fine leg.

Is there a line whereby bowling full you might get that "corridor of uncertainty" or would Smith just adjust the amount he steps across the stumps. ?