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Cricket Spectator
Does anyone here know about the ESPN Star fantasy game Superselector?You have to pick your best 11 from the alloted 1000 points and each player has a value.There is 1 point for every run scored by your player,25 points for 1 wicket,5 for catches,runouts and stumpings.This month's Superselector has already started so you will have to register for the next month.
Go here-


State Vice-Captain
Currently mainly the asians know about it. But I think that everyone must take part in it. It is so fun!


Eyes not spreadsheets
I'll go for it, but why is no-one interested in World XI, needs a ot of skill and knowledge of the World Game's unsung heroes!


Eyes not spreadsheets
I hate to harp on about it, but World XI looks a great game for the long term player!

A whole year as supposed to 1 month.

Sriram k

Total Cricket Moderator
A very interesting game!!But no prizes for foreigners :cry:

The site layout and interface is very good.I think much better than super selector.Maybe They can learn from World XI....

My team name is sri XI and login name is sriram (if you need it...)

[Edited on 12/10/01 by Sriram k]