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International Coach
Will @jura go bot?

Surely, he will
Yes. Quite a random disappearance.
Just going through the TMOs vs Ataraxia from this morning... such a strange game. Ataraxia innings, TMOs dropped 5 catches, no runouts. TMOs innings 3 unluckys, 2 run outs which included Davidson (late innings), no drops from Ataraxia. Apparently TMOs outrate Ataraxia in the fielding department by 8K...

TMOs managed to still chase the total off the back of a magnificent Davidson ton... and a big contribution from ad-Din. Even though the bowler rating of Ataraxia was far superior, weighing into an overall rating of 2K more.
Fun game. Featuring two current NAT openers in that game; in fact, it was payback for Smith's knock getting Aus through v SA despite a nice Davidson 40, with a nice Smith 60 pummeled into obscurity by that unbeaten century. And CW has a third in Young for Australia! Signs of improvement.

Re the bolded, Keeping is a huge proportion of that rating (maybe half) – the difference playing Chambers to Zahid is near 10K I think. I'm quietly beginning to think keeping is overrated both by players and in the compiling of that rating. Granted I don't trawl through commentary all too much, but keeper drops don't seem particularly common. Just some self-justification for prefering Zahid as long-term keeper to Chambers...

AX–W currently gunning for a 3rd win v TNT in 3 formats today. A few highlights for us in the OD and T20 encounters, in a couple of good Rusty blasts from the past, wickets for Hurst, and ul-Haq's trademark bat-through-the-innings century.


Hall of Fame Member
Re the bolded, Keeping is a huge proportion of that rating (maybe half) – the difference playing Chambers to Zahid is near 10K I think. I'm quietly beginning to think keeping is overrated both by players and in the compiling of that rating. Granted I don't trawl through commentary all too much, but keeper drops don't seem particularly common. Just some self-justification for prefering Zahid as long-term keeper to Chambers...
Still not a 5 drops to none discrepancy... but I do agree the ratings, particularly fielding, are disproportionate. Although, I do think that good fielding is important in stumped. The ability to take even one extra catch on average per game from wk or fielders can change games dramatically. Its does depend on the quality of bowling, I`ve become of the opinion that good fielding is required to take advantage of a truly good bowling attack.


International Coach
Time for the AX–W cull. The following will be farewelled against Charminster on Tues:

Main-team veteran batters22-year-oldsYoung undeveloped bowlers
Kurt Murdoch
Shawn Dee
Ian Green (9th most capped for the club)
Oliver Bateman
Robin Warwick (7th most capped for the club)
Furqan Sheikh
Daniel Finlay
Abid Azam
Alf Madoc (recent scout)
Marcus Sears (recent scout)

The middle column's the one to focus on, mostly long-term first XI players who the side has now outgrown. Green and Bateman can count themselves the most unlucky, as very decent mid-30s skill bowlers.

Murdoch and Dee have each capped their long AXI careers nicely with their stints for the affiliate. They will continue to play Cup games, until AX–W gets eliminated (i.e. in 7 hours).

For Murdoch I've done a little trial as to his effectiveness with the ball, because for AXI he very occasionally was used as funny hax for the last over (148kph heat, 2–3–5 distribution, Iceman), and ended up with 32 wickets at 16, economy 6.75. My theory being that the greatest impact of BQ is on the next few overs, bowling some Murdoch-type at the very last over could actually be the best. So he's bowled the last over in all his games, winning the last Cup game with a maiden (lol). But I think the experiment failed, which is to some extent pleasing. His economy for AX–W stands at 10.31.

Alf Madoc's quality – could become a very handy medium. One of the best buys among this lot, on the TM now.


It's still a bloated squad at 24, but I think I like it that way to an extent. It's not like I'm gunning for 2 games a week from all of them. But spreading the games around will remain difficult. Mostly for my own benefit here's a list.

Price is there for the occasional friendly as club legend. Almost 39 now, amazingly. Ward is now green pitches only. Rusty won't play every game.

Todd, Ramsbottom, O'Callaghan, Hurst, and Picton are top senior players who will need to be guaranteed 2 games most weeks.

Mortimer and Hastelow are meme bashers who don't deserve to still be there but are funny. ul-Haq is the opposite: a long-form specialist who won't play many T20s at all so will have to play ~every DEV (12 weeks remaining) and OD competitive match to make up for the IGT.

In terms of keepers, Urban Townshend's going to wind down in favour of Rehman Naqvi, who will in turn be replaced in good time by Andy Hylton.

Hylton's one of six young bats who should form a great next generation. Ideally each should play twice a week, but especially Hylton, all-rounder Buck, and to an extent Precocious Tickner. Shinjinee has already entered the club first XI, while the rest (others are Carmichael and Ryder) should be prioritised in development in order to reach that stage ASAP.

Gangadharan is a young gun quick who has already entered the first XI while Katz is a young gun spinner who has almost reached that stage. Two games a week for both.

And finally some bits and bobs on the outskirts of future sides. Wilkinson's a very unbalanced all-rounder, like a Yuen. Of the sort who really need all the games they can get. Gajendra's a next generation spin bowling candidate, but one of the worse options. Can do on 1.5 games a week and coaching. Mehr's one who was supplanted in his next gen role by all the other stupidly good players. So his 44 skill is set to be used as Dev filler.


International Coach
308 is AXI's target. Lucky it's that low – there was the classic 'massive opening partnership followed by massive collapse'.

We certainly have the firepower required to chase it, but I'm not holding my breath; it has to be achieved against 78K bowling.


likes this
Almost upset NZ :( Gutting.

The NZ middle order was too good for our inexperienced death bowling. I thought we got enough runs. But we didn't make full use of our batting dept. 3 all-rounders left us light on bowling. The plan was to put an imposing score on the board, attack in the first 10, and back the all-rounders to close out the innings.

Nearly worked. I think the gameplan was good, and there were many good performances. Baksh playing a blinder, Vedanga redeeming himself with a 150sr via sensible batting, Pasha being a gun. But we left some runs out there, and the young all-rounders failed to execute under the pressure.

Big win for BQ tho - would have been a travesty had we won this haha


Hall of Fame Member
Hunt has become such a silly not so secret weapon for the TMOs... should never do as well keeping runs down on a pitch like this against Ataraxia batting line-up.


Hall of Fame Member
Thanks for the game @ataraxia . My best win of the season. Did not think I would overcome you at your home grown and did it without Davidson... TMOs building in to a really nice team now.


International Coach
BQ certainly didn't do its job in that game, haha. A very strong batting effort on your part, while for us wickets fell too early and we ended 20 shy of where we should've been. But not to demean that Naidoo knock; he's proven himself a much much better #7 than I feared.

AX–W v Charminster – Murdoch and Dee seem to like the whack-it game:


Nice farewell for this lot of players, despite the loss. Samuel Noble's 73 (40) the winning knock for Charminster.

AXI v Geese – CWC9 match where faced with a stiff target of 254 we bounded through for 5 points with 8 wickets to spare! Terrific from all the top 4, which I guess we needed given we have a 5 touch specialist bowler at #5. Looks like we've staged a sufficient recovery to get a playoff slot, but there are still 5 matches to go. On the other hand, AX–W's 6 total losses include the last 4 games.

AX–W v Winton CC – our slip continues. To be fair, we were very comprehensively outplayed by a Winton side rating a remarkable 58.5K. Pushed over with ease, the target of 125 overtaken with just 2 wickets lost from Winton.

AXI v FHK – bowlers did their job, restricting early scoring and prompting a collapse, but in the end FHK's total of 145 was respectable. Butler was out for 10 (4), so Smith decided it was his turn to fire. Normally that combo is enough, but a strong bowling display meant we reached the target 6 down.

AX–W v Winton – a very typical sort of 300. Run-a-ball 74 from Hurst. Two-runs-a-ball 74 from O'Callaghan. And, despite, dominating the strike, ul-Haq was still there after O'Callaghan's dismissal. This match he was scoring particularly slowly. Maybe it was the pitch, but my theory is he always scores at a rate to ensure he scores 100 if he bats the innings, and no more. But this time his desire was not fulfilled: out for 93 (151) in the 46th. Still managed to eke out 300. Mettias and Stone 60s weren't quick enough, leaving too much pressure on the rest of the lineup.

With the Cup about, I've been toying with injury on both teams, but had managed to avoid. Not so anymore. Forgot orders for today's T20, and Rusty's one (1) ball faced managed to trigger his lower back. Perhaps it flared up and that was the cause of his run out. Thankfully it's only one week out. Tentatively I'll reduce that to zero with some Recuperation training.


likes this
FHK have been experimenting with leaving out LOY in our recent friendly fixtures. Has not gone that well, SYK is not quite up to task with the ball yet. Our home pitch is not ideal for effectively part-time seamers too. But we'll need to transition to the next gen eventually, so we might start leaving more grass on the pitch next season.


Hall of Fame Member
TMOs probably going to end up 2nd in their T20 div because of two games this season, either of which had turned out differently they would have been 1st. Firstly, a loss in the very first match of the season, against the team who will be 7th (8th turned bot). The second is that the eventual no 1 and myself tied in our second match (TMOs won the first) because his number 11 took 24 runs off the last over including a 6 off the last ball...
...and yes I am more than a little bit bitter.

I am probably going to end 2nd (possible 3rd) in the SOD div... but the better team got through and I have no bitterness there.

Davidson has been fantastic this season and so has Hunt, for different reasons. And Levy who has been in terrible touch all season has still manage to avg 48 in competitive play. Lorkin is top wicket taker in both SOD and T20. Hoping Levy and Davidson come together to do some amazing stuff next season and season after!