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FHK have managed to beat Dynamo Morpork in the 1st Plate/Silver Eliminator, so will be competing in the Semi Final!

Meanwhile ZCC have challenged Jura CC at home on Sat Aug 13 10:00 in game time for the 2nd Cup/Gold Eliminator @Charlie B (does he read the forums anymore?)


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After 3 seasons with the TMOs, Pol de Klerk, having given his all, was sold today to play with the 1st division Setemares. It is hoped that he will have many more years of good service.

This has left the TMOs without a recognized spinning option within the squad... it is hoped that a new spinner will be uncovered soon, but TMOs are confident that their current squad will continue to take them forward.


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I`m looking at the TNT squad again and just don't know how I`ve ended up with the players I have after only one complete season... lots of lucky pulls.


International Regular
Gold Eliminators (1st-3rd)
The Buy-Ins vs Moooo - 13 August 14:00
ataraXIa vs Zor*x CC - ataraXIa won by 6 wickets - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618465

Winners to Semi-Finals
Losers to Eliminators

1st Qualifier Loser vs The Merry Orangutans
Zor*x CC vs Jura CC - 13 August 10:00

Silver Eliminators (4th-6th)
Ashgrove Astronauts vs Winton CC - Winton won by 80 runs - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618477
Free HK vs Dynamo Morpork - Free HK won by 40 runs -

Winners to Semi-Finals
Losers to Eliminators

Ashgrove Astronauts vs GG CC - TO BE ARRANGED - @SillyCowCorner1 @Jarquis
Dynamo Morpork vs Honest Hunks - TO BE ARRANGED @honestbharani @Magrat Garlick

Bronze Eliminators (7th-9th)
AtaraX Wellington vs Charminster CC - Charminster won by 30 runs - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618473
Dynamo Schmaltzberg vs The Net Theorists - Dynamo Schmaltzberg won by 8 wickets - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618490

Winners to Semi-Finals
Losers to Eliminators

AtaraX Wellington vs Shri's Croquette Team - TO BE ARRANGED - @Shri - are you still there. Not been active for a few months on Stumped so if no response in coming days then AtaraX Wellington will get a bye.

The Net Theorists vs Plymouth Pirates - TO BE ARRANGED - @StephenZA @Jarquis


International Captain
Might need a Hlengwa special here
Yeah, it does look like you're going to have to get extremely lucky with Tadiwanashe to get the bonus point here, sadly. AXI in a similar situation, looking very unlikely to stay up; in 7th with two big matches to go.


International Captain
Haha, using 10 overs for IGT in the SOD went much worse this week than last week lol. Only 44 runs were conceded then. 127 now. Stupid total on the cards for the opposition.