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International Captain
After AXI's first loss in the T20 league, the CWC games made up for it.

AX-W notched up a win! Against the Hunks, an amazing knock by Furqan Sheikh propelled us to a 12-run win. Brought in for this game, the Pakistani made himself known with a terrific 71* (40). Despite excellent hitting up top from Nalin Mittur, and down bottom from Balbir Omesh, we still got away with a win. Felix O'Callaghan picked up 4-16. The thing with AX-W, is that, out of my five best T20 bowlers, four of them make the side as a batsman. It leads to oddly justifiable balance.

AXI played an aggressive side against Charminster. While, like with AX-W, the top order didn't perform well, Richard Simmonds hauled 22 runs of the final over to just get himself a 50; he likes to show off his credentials as a finisher does Simmo. Charminster folded for 100, despite good hitting up top.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Mooo were clinical against FHK. To bowl out that team for a score below 100 is an achievement.

Gul leading from the front. He is a beast in the T20 format (let's ignore the numerous bot bashes lol)...

GG CC had a tough one against Dynamo Schmatlzberg. They weren't able to chase down 129. I just felt that the batsmen went too hard to try and boost their NRR, and failed miserably!


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
GG CC have pulled off a 1 wicket win against FHK. Babar Ijaz with a match winning all round performance, taking 4 wickets and then staying at the end with an unbeaten 31.

Crazy to see the number 11 batsman Xenos hitting his first ball for a six to end the game!

It’s the equivalent of a walk-off home run in baseball.


likes this
Yea what on earth happened to both FHK and ZCC today lol. Remarkable efforts to lose games from positions of strength.

Both squads too districted with the all important 5th SOD of the derby series clearly :ph34r:


International Captain
lol at this collapse
Huge game between myself and @cnerd123

Hlengwa doing Hlengwa things yet again
Haha what a game! Solid knock up top from Qasim, with Tiff Yuen in her role as specialist hitter getting 28* (9). Helped by characteristically impressive batting from Yau and Law, FHK put up quite the menacing total, only for it to be chased down with a couple of overs to spare. I'm ofc going to ignore Cookson's hand (tho 4 consecutive 4s is always mention-worthy - in fact, Bennett did the same; there were a lot of consecutive boundaries) and focus on Hlengwa - how is he so good lol?

In a very strong batting lineup, he bats at five in T20s. In Stumped, the no. 5 T20 batter tends to be the best hitter. Hlengwa is classed as a specialist bowler by the game. (I was about to say that I still think he should open, but looking at the commentary file the Ashgrove openers aren't all too shabby.) It's utterly ridiculous in the Stumped world at a mid-20s skill batter does so well against quality bowling attacks; it's a testament to the merits of his skill distributions and order set. I've changed my opinion of him from a meme slogger, to a genuinely good bat. At Ashgrove, he averages more than Rusty Frost does!

tho Hlengwa may want to give up bowling after that putrid performance :ph34r: (Seriously, from all I can tell he's an amazing bowler as well.)

To follow back on a talking point from a couple of nights ago, I reckon a Stumped draft would be cool, if a little odd!


International Captain
As I, in my SOD, play a late 60,000s side, with them at one point 82-2 (23) thanks to 15 overs of Economical bowlers, I can't help but wonder if having 5 Economical bowlers (alternatively 4 Economical + 1 gud F&G) could lead to a really hax side. As long as you're playing against a team which doesn't know your strategy, it could lead to some really effective restrictive bowling.

In the one-day match, the shackles have, however, come loose, tho given two Raun-tier batters are at the crease that's more than acceptable.


International Captain
Won that SOD match lol, thanks to the tidy bowling up top from us, Dee feasting on RMs on an unfriendly home pitch, and Rusty with some clutch death hitting! Despite unexpectedly winning half my games in D1 so far this season, I'm still 7th out of 8 in the division - and up against the Velociraptors next week. Underdogs, ay.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
GG CC got hammered today. Worrying signs that the two players who lost skills yesterday in the training update had a poor game...


On the plus side though, Sadiq Ismail is blooming as a bowler :)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Mooooo pulled of a sneaky heist today of a team that's rated almost 10k higher than us (50k v 60k)...

It was steely batting from the top-order batsmen (sans Bart Way.)

And then it was a combined effort from all of the bowlers, led by their influential captain, Jamil Gul who picked up 3 scalps...
The part-timers, Jardine and Hafeez pull through with combined figures of 6-1-13-0

A pleasing win against the table-topper of our league.


International Regular
Group A
Team NamePlayedWonLostTiedRuns ForBalls ForRuns AgainstBalls AgainstTotal PointsNRR
Ashgrove Astronauts5500675450556600253.44
Z*rax CC5500748497459600244.44
The Buy-Ins5410935594514581204.14
Jura CC5320763600556547161.53
Dynamo Morpork5320536454564563151.07
Honest Hunks624077866684261310-1.23
The Net Theorists61506517108396105-2.75
AtaraX Wellington615071172011406824-4.10
Plymouth Pirates50505176008444951-5.06

Group B
Team NamePlayedWonLostTiedRuns ForBalls ForRuns AgainstBalls AgainstTotal PointsNRR
Winton CC5410640511544551201.59
GG CC6330833629866703170.55
Dynamo Schmaltzberg633065266675972015-0.45
Free HK5320700600559547140.87
The Merry Orangutans51406535926605096-1.16
Charminster CC51406715838456006-1.54
Shris Croquette Team60606037207425531-3.03


International Captain
Today's a bumper day for AXI, with 4 matches. The first was a T20 against AX-W which served to boost the stats of Kurt and Rusty. They both scored quickfire 80s. That match will help for the selections for the CWC game tonight. Meanwhile, we are playing a Dev match against the Orangutans, who, 18 overs through, are on top. A good little 4th wicket partnership is however forming; it'll be interesting to see how this one unravels.