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International Captain
191-4 is a scary target. Yau was possibly held back too long, but played a magnificient cameo at the end. Star of the day is of course Qasim Abdullah, with 104* (56). Hopefully Rusty catches his fire.


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End Of Season Review - Season 30


Final Rankings:
Amr SOD 2.1 - 3rd (9 wins, 5 losses, 11 bonus points)
Amr T20 2.2 - 3rd (9 wins, 5 losses, 9 bonus points)
Amr Dev 2.2 - 4th (7 wins, 7 losses, 8 bonus points)
Cup - Eliminated in Round 2

Leading Run-scorers (Competitive only):
1) Tin Yau - 1099 runs in 27 innings, Ave 49.95, SR 106.91, 9 50s, 1 100s, HS 116*
2) Agnes Chow - 1062 runs in 37 innings, Ave 28.70, SR 75.64, 10 50s, 0 100s, HS 81
3) Tony Chung - 963 runs in 32 innings, Ave 34.39, SR 98.97, 4 50s, 0 100s, HS 81*

Leading Wicket-takers (Competitive only):
1) Joshua Wong - 53 wickets in 31 matches, Ave 19.09, SR 21.96, Econ 5.22, 5 3fers, 1 5fer, BB 6/31
2) Ted Hui - 50 wickets in 25 matches, Ave 15.04, SR 18.06, Econ 5.00, 7 3fers, 1 5fer, BB 6/7
3) Lai O Yin - 40 wickets in 27 matches, Ave 20.03, SR 22.10, Econ 5.44, 5 3fers, 0 5fer, BB 4/14
= Ivan Lam - 40 wickets 28 matches, Ave 24.80, SR 28.83, Econ 5.16, 2 3fers, 1 5fer, 5/17

Leading Fielders (Competitive only):
1) Tony Chung - 57 dismissals, 34 matches, 33 as WK, 45 catches, 12 stumpings, 0 run outs
2) Agnes Chow - 23 dismissals, 38 matches, 0 as WK, 16 catches, 0 stumpings, 7 run outs
3) Tin Yau - 15 dismissals, 29 matches, 0 as WK, 5 catches, 0 stumpings, 10 run outs

Hall Of Fame Entry: Tin Yau - 29 games, 1099 runs, 15 fielding dismissals and captaining.

Total Players Used (Competitive only): 26


A really solid season, with plenty of optimism for the future.

26 wins vs 18 losses is a good record, and we won a CWC title to boot, but there was definitely room to do better. It really felt like we just lost matches due to lack of experience. 7 out of 10 of our leading run-scorers this season are 21 or younger, and 6 of the 7 leading wicket-takers are 22 or younger! This is very exciting, and makes our results look much better in hindsight. This squad should go from strength to strength in the coming few seasons.

All our losses in the SOD came defending a low score, which suggest our batting lineup could do with more consistency, which ties into the lack of experience mention earlier. 11 bonus points suggest we were extremely competitive, even in defeat, and we've settled on a combination that can work in a variety of conditions. So all told, pretty pleased with where the side is right now.

Meanwhile in the T20 we lost a few really tight games to start the season -including two matches by just 1 run! Yet again this ties into our lack of experience. We put on a strong run towards the back end, winning 7 out of out last 8 matches, which is really positive.

Our weakest format was the Dev, and with good reason - 6 of our U21 players were playing regular senior cricket! The FHK Golden Generation started to come of age this season, and should be able to carry the side forward for many years to come, but it is time to look forward and identify the next generation of talent. We only narrowly avoided relegation in the Dev thanks to rolling out our big guns towards the end of the season, and this won't be an option for much longer. While we've identified some promising talent to work with, the constraints of a home-grown + ZCC rejects only approach means we're lacking in real top-tier talent. Hopefully our academy can uncover some promising talent this season to supplement the team, with Agnes, Tony, Nathan and Ivan all set to age out of the dev team.

And finally, a word on Tin Yau. What a brilliant season he had with the bat, and his bullet arm accounted for 10 run outs! He lead with aplomb, and is a worthy entry into the HOF in what has been one of the best season's in FHK's brief history. Long may it continue!


Hall of Fame Member
TMOs currently in the Third dev match of the day.... first one played against the CWC outsider, with weakened development team showed lots of promise in the chase of 232 but lost 7 wickets in 15 balls to collapse to nothing.

In the second game a full strength development team played against ZCC and managed to chase a tough target of 259 with an over to spare and 4 wickets still in hand. Levy and Bardenhorst showing good skill at the top of the order.

Unfortunately Davidson has continued to show poor form in both games. Hoping this changes in the third game against where a mixed strength team is currently up against Winton that have started at a high pace... it has been noted that a newly acquired member of the squad Danie Pikirayi has convinced his Captain, Davidson, to give him the ball. This is against team management ideas and hopefully will be the last time in any game playing for the TMOs....


International Regular
Bouncing between div 1 and 2 is fine, bouncing between div 2 and 3 kinda sucks...
At least you are bouncing!

I'm stuck in Div 3 in all formats - although the last season and a bit with my U21 sides I've decided to try and maximise IGT - especially as in most divs I'm up against 1 or 2 far superior sides than a combination of beginner/abandoned human teams and bots. Oddly enough I've had a look and been in Div 3 in every format, every season I've been in charge at Winton but my Charminster side got promoted from 3rd div in DEV Cricket in its first season and in its recently concluded 2nd season finished 5th in a 2nd div with 7 human sides.

Odd as my Charminster side are quite a bit worse than my Winton team


International Captain
AXI are doing much better in their T20 vs ZCC than the one vs FHK, Qasim Abdullah's berserkathon. Rather classic AXI innings, Rusty and Arthur hitting 47 (20) opening, only for a couple of players to score below a run a ball, Simmonds playing an inexplicably good knock, and we end up on 165; an inevitably winning total. (And it certainly looks that way -- Ollie Smit taking out Raun, Shahboss, and de Melho in one over.)


Hall of Fame Member
At least you are bouncing!
Only just bouncing.. hoping to bounce back up and stay up in the SOD at least, and also try stay up in Dev, may be a tougher ask.

First showing of the senior opening new ball pair between Burger and the newly acquired, and very experienced, Lofthouse today... looks promising, not many wickets but kept the runs very low allowing the faster bowlers to get the wickets later. Passmore continuing his good form from last season with 4 wickets. A few runouts and the similarly rated opposition was bowled out for 95... on the same deck that development teams where scoring 200+ on yesterday?! For TMOs Levy along with the new opening partner and wk, Henry, looking to make easy work of that total.


International Captain
AXI: Season 30

1st in Asia 2.3 SOD
2nd in Asia 2.1 T20
4th in Asia 2.3 DEV

Strong performance for AXI. Two players stood out in particular: Howell Brown, in 78 games, took 150 wickets at 16.83. Richard Simmonds, in 94 games, made 3616 runs at 44.10. As Brown did especially well in competitive T20s and SODs, he recieves this season's HoF entry.

"Brownie deserves it for his fantastic exploits, and being an amazing team man. His arm was also incredible, catching 21 batters short. Ricky very unlucky not to receive the award given his season, and we're looking forward to awarding it to him further down the line."

AX-W's HoF entry is Felix O'Callaghan, the only homegrown batter to do anything. Also bowls, occasionally to success. A couple of especially ridiculous knocks this season; he deserves it.

AXI's season aims:

Stay in SOD 1.1, win T20 2.1, stay in DEV 2.3